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Beyblade Evolution




Beyblade Evolution 


Beyblade Evolution is the best Beyblade game I have ever played. To be fair there have not been many Beyblade games released in the video game industry. The few that were - well they were not that good. Beyblade Evolution captures the essence of Beyblade. How do I know? I play with real Beyblades with my brother.

I know many of our readers are going to have one major issue with Beyblade Evolution. The whole religion of evolution. I know how divisive and offensive evolution is to millions of families. I wish they had picked a better word for the name of this Nintendo 3DS game. I did not find any balancing intelligent design or creation concepts in Beyblade Evolution. Nor was the game really preaching evolution, so the choice of that word in the name makes little sense.

The best part of Beyblade Evolution is the real Beyblade that is included in the Collector's Edition packaging. Family Friendly Gaming was spoiled with this bigger 3DS box. Wing Pegasus 90WF is the Beyblade included. And it is a beast to play with.

I was concerned with Beyblade Evolution at first. The game instructs players to throw their 3DS up to simulate pulling the string. Two problems with that. One the hinge on your Nintendo 3DS can get broken doing that. The second issue is the 3D (which looks awesome in this game). It is impossible to see the 3D while slinging your 3DS hand held around. Thankfully hitting the 'A' button does the same thing. So there is no need to fling your 3DS around.

The storyline in Beyblade Evolution revolves around Beyblade battles. Players compete against other characters, and try to win the different tournament competitions. New pieces can be purchased, and you can adjust your Beyblade to improve its stats.

Beyblades have three stats: attack, defense and stamina. How and where you launch your Beyblade into the arenas is important. As the battle progresses players build spirit power. This can be launched at your Beyblade to increase its power, and your chances at winning. You can miss your Beyblade when you try and throw spirit power at it. Which can be the difference between winning and losing a battle.

The sounds in Beyblade Evolution are very realistic. The clangs in this hand held game sound like the real thing. The anime graphics are present, as are many of the characters from the television show. All in all Beyblade Evolution is a solid Beyblade hand held video game. Fans of the show, and toys will take interest in this 3DS game.
- Kid Gamer


Graphics: 83%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Rising Star Games
ating: Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
{Mild Fantasy Violence}
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