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Ben 10 Galactic Racing 


Everybody and their brother has come up with some idea for a kart racing title. D3 Publisher tried their hands recently with Ben 10 Galactic Racing. I spent my own money on this home console video game. This version is on the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 I purchased the first one. Ben and all these different alien forms race one another in what is one of the most frustrating kart racing titles I have ever played. Why is Ben 10 Galactic Racing so frustrating? The lack of a learning curve. I lost the first race circuit over and over and over and over and - you get the idea. How I ranked was a complete roll of the dice. I could not dominate in any of the race no matter how flawlessly I ran. That leads to frustration.

I am not impressed with the graphics in Ben 10 Galactic Racing. This is one ugly looking game. The color schemes, race tracks and backgrounds are the breeding grounds of migraines. Like other kart racing franchises we launch weapons at the fellow racers. The computer uses this perfectly when I got in first place. And then I found myself in last trying to scrap back to the front. Annoyance number two.

The music is upbeat and exciting in Ben 10 Galactic Racing. I enjoyed listening to it. The sound bytes in Ben 10 Galactic Racing are another story. They get old quick, and extremely repetitive. The announcers are pretty dull, which fits with the graphics. Which is not a good thing. It is a bad thing. Some of the sound bytes in Ben 10 Galactic Racing are snide remarks.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing obsesses over the number twelve. There are twelve race tracks and twelve racers. Yeah that is on the light side. But the game is frustrating you may never get past the first few races. Which is little reason to replay Ben 10 Galactic Racing.

The controls in Ben 10 Galactic Racing are loose, and there are some odd turns in this game. I found all kinds of places to fall of the race track on every single race track. Another bad thing for Ben 10 Galactic Racing. Look at Mario Kart games to learn how to provide a proper learning curve and how players can’t die in the first few races.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing teaches us to use whatever we can to stop those who are achieving more than us. Liberals will love Ben 10 Galactic Racing since they encourage that in the political spectrum. I also learned to do whatever possible to get to the finish line first. I do not approve of the lessons in Ben 10 Galactic Racing. - Sam


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 68%

System: PS3/Xbox 360/Wii(tested)
Publisher: D3Publisher

Rating:   ‘E’ for Everyone
{Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence}

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