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Animal Crossing New Leaf




Animal Crossing New Leaf 


Playing Animal Crossing New Leaf is like going back to a childhood warm blanket. It feels comfortable, familiar, and reminds you of the past. At the same time Animal Crossing New Leaf brings some new things to the table. The wheels of change may move slowly in the Animal Crossing franchise, but they are moving.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is the most steamlined version of Animal Crossing to date. Family members can get into this game quicker than ever before. One game cartridge or download can house multiple family members. Only one of them can be mayor, and the mayor can never leave that town.

Becoming mayor of your own town is very interesting. It opens some new doors for the gaming community. Getting to visit the old mayor on his retirement island is a nice little diversion. His mini games on the island are fun and definitely different. Another neat addition is being able to swim – as long as you have the right gear.

All of the shops are across the train tracks on main street. That is also where the player will find the Post Office, and Museum. Many of the same characters make a return in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Most of the villagers are all new. Being mayor changes the relationship for the better in my opinion. Why? I actually care about the villagers in my town.

I had someone ask me a question about Animal Crossing New Leaf. They asked me: "how much of Animal Crossing New Leaf is doing the same thing done in previous games?" Unfortunately there is quite a bit. The 3D graphics are nice. The new areas are nice. But at its core, Animal Crossing New Leaf is the same game played on past systems. There are tweaks and improvements.

Certain things happen at certain times of the day in Animal Crossing New Leaf. You may have to wait for a shop to open, or for an event to start. Unless you start messing with the internal clock on your Nintendo 3DS. Your home can be shared via Streetpass, and you can visit other towns. Create your own designs, and wear them.

I plan to make periodic updates to this review as I continue to play Animal Crossing New Leaf. As seasons change new things become available. The only way to see everything in Animal Crossing New Leaf is to play it every single day for an entire year. Even then you may miss something.
- Paul

UPDATE {09/30/2013} Recycling is promoted. Resetti makes a come back – a very short one. Permits to build things in the town are a part of the game. You decide what kind of town you want. The religious belief of evolution is included, as well as hoaxes being taught as fact. There is a neat gardening shop. Club LOL is opened after getting the six signatures. The fortune teller comes back as well.

UPDATE {12/27/2013} Christ and Christian content were suppressed by Nintendo. Especially around Christmas time. Instead they had multi-cultural time right after Christmas spreading eastern religious content.


Graphics: 89%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 87%
Family Friendly Factor: 72%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
ating: ‘E’ - Everyone
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