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Angry Birds Star Wars




Angry Birds Star Wars 


Angry Birds as a video game did not capture my interest. I understand the concept behind the game. Launching birds at structures and pigs was never my thing. I hesitated when I was offered an opportunity to review Angry Birds Star Wars. After all Angry Birds is not my thing. Add onto that I thought it was going to be a cheap Star Wars rip off. A way to make a little extra cash.

Angry Birds Star Wars captivated my interest immediately. I think the special powers of the birds is the reason why. Being able to shoot, swing a light saber, force push, and more make this an approachable game. Angry Birds Star Wars is an Angry Birds game I can get into.

As you probably figured out, Angry Birds Star Wars is Angry Birds done in the Star Wars universe. So we see Angry Birds in pictures that are from the Star Wars movies. It is not as corny as it is sounds. It works much better than I thought it would.

I want to thank Activision for publishing this game on the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Wii. They are porting over a fantastic app to the home consoles. Angry Birds Star Wars adds in twenty more levels. That way if you played it on the smart phone you will have an incentive to purchase a home console version.

The controls work properly in Angry Birds Star Wars. It is easy to pull back that launcher and send a bird careening through the air. It is also very easy to launch the attacks at the enemies. Want a tip? The enemies that shoot lasers can be used to tag the other pigs in the level. Keep that in mind.

Star Wars sounds are found throughout Angry Birds Star Wars. They fit the locations of the movies as well as the weapons used in the movies. Level designs in Angry Birds Star Wars also pay homage to the Star Wars movies. I recognized multiple locations, characters and vehicles in this home console game.

I am more impressed with Angry Birds Star Wars than I thought I would be. Gravity, multi-player, and tons of unlockables will keep families playing for weeks. You can spend even more time with Angry Birds Star Wars if you want to get three stars on every level.
- Sam


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%

System: PS3/Wii U/Xbox 360/Wii(tested)
Publisher: Activision
ating: Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
{Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence}
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