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Ancient Aliens Season One 


History Channel generally has a good reputation in terms of the content they broadcast. But they are not perfect, and they have some really odd shows from time to time. I saw Ancient Aliens Season One at a store for five dollars. Seven hours and fifty minutes of viewing time (plus bonus material on top of it) for five dollars sounded like a good deal to me. At least until I trudged through this television show.

Ancient Aliens Season One is flimsy on facts. They present evidence that has a variety of different possible meanings. But the ‘experts’ in this show are looking at everything through the lens of their religious belief in aliens. That is really important because what is regurgitated in Ancient Aliens Season One is a religious belief.

It did not take Ancient Aliens Season One long to go on the attack against Christianity. Which is really odd. Its one thing for them to have their belief, but completely another one for them to try and turn people away from a personal relationship with God. So we know the fruit of their tree is to do what Satan wants people to do.

There are some extreme people in Ancient Aliens Season One. Not only how they look but what they say. Various ancient images are shown in Ancient Aliens Season One. There are ancient ruins shown, art work, and re-enactments. It can become extremely boring. I fell asleep watching one of the five episodes.

Ancient Aliens Season One would have been two hours on television with the commercials. Thankfully it is slightly less on DVD. But these shows are still very long.

An important facet of Ancient Aliens Season One is the words they use. They use: ‘might,’ ‘could,’ ‘possible,’ and ‘believe.’ Their belief in this is the most interesting to this reviewer. They have their religious belief, and they want others to join them.

Some of the whacked out ideas in Ancient Aliens Season One is aliens tampered with our DNA to create us. Another one is aliens moved us to this planet. They have no evidence of these beliefs, but they go right on with their belief. They look at the Holy Bible and decide everytime angels are mentioned it actually means aliens. They look at it through their lens.

I am extremely disappointed with Ancient Aliens Season One. I felt like I wasted my money on these three DVDs. I am not going to keep this show because it has some dangerous ideas for those who are not versed in reality. I hope this show dies off very quickly.
- Mark


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 31%
Replay/Extras: 68%
Gameplay: 33%
Family Friendly Factor: 5%

System: DVD
Publisher: History Channel

Rating:   ‘NR’ -Not Rated

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