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Aero Vacation 


Normally we love titles from Chillingo. Aero Vacation is one of their rare releases that I am not fond of. This is a free app on the iPhone/iPod Touch. How can they release an entire video game for free? Well this game will test you. Are you will to be patient and work your way slowly to the top? Or will you want results right away? If you want results right away you will have to pay for it. The cost comes in real world dollars. Things in Aero Vacation take time. However you can hurry it up by spending dollars. Certain items can also be purchased with them. I found myself with a wealth of certain resources and hardly any of others.

Aero Vacation has a great color scheme that is alive with color. There are various decals and colors the player can chose. The artwork is neat, and generally family friendly. My biggest complaint is the busty helper. To be fair we can pick other characters to be assistants. The busting out woman is also the cover art character used. Passengers can perform a variety of entertainments based on what you have on your air ship.

The music in Aero Vacation fits the theme of this game. It is also alive, fun and fresh. The tutorial in Aero Vacation helps explain what tasks the player has available to them. Do not feel bad if you can not immediately complete quests. It does not take Aero Vacation long to give us quests we can not complete without buying more dollars. It can take forever but they can be achieved.

Aero Vacation is one of those games that can be played for a few minutes and then must be left alone for hours. Don’t worry your iPhone or iPod Touch will chime at you when the engineers complete tasks or when you arrive at certain destinations. Aero Vacation can be played for months a few minutes at a time.

We can do a few things in Aero Vacation. We complete quests, requests, visit new cities, level up, purchase parts, and build a variety of rooms. These are all done through the touch screen. I ran into some issues with certain small buttons not recognizing my touch. I would have to touch it two or three times to get it to register.

Aero Vacation contains a wide array of worldly entertainment. There are pubs, spas, bars, casinos and more. I do not mind building a library in a game like Aero Vacation, but a casino or pub are not to my liking. I did everything I could to avoid those kinds of places. Aero Vacation can teach some basic economics and how to utilize various resources. Its free so you try it without wasting anything but time.
- Paul


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 82%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 68%

System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Chillingo

Rating:   ‘4+’ for 4+

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