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Adventure Time Season One





Adventure Time Season One 


Adventure Time Season One on Blu-ray is the first time Family Friendly Gaming has sounded off on the show. We are familiar with the Nintendo 3DS game, so we know a little bit about the show. Adventure Time Season One revolves around the adventures of Finn the human, and Jake the dog. Jake has the magical ability to stretch his body like Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic Four.

This is the first time the entire first season has made it to Blu-ray. So fans of this odd little show should be excited. Parents need to pay attention to the rating. I see Adventure Time Season One as a show more for the teenage crowd than for kids. Why? The sexual innuendo is present on multiple episodes.

Finn has a great desire to be a hero in the land of Ooo. He helps out all these different princesses. Usually he has to save them from the Ice King. This Ice King uses his magical crown to allow him to freeze other characters. He also has a habit of kidnapping princesses.

Adventure Time Season One is around 286 minutes long. That equates to twenty-six episodes. There are also some neat behind the scene bonus features. I enjoyed the different commercials for the show. The Wand mini episode is interesting, and fits this release perfectly.

Everything about Adventure Time Season One is odd. We have a vampire princess, a candy kingdom, hot dog princess, characters exploding, house people, and more. I have to admit the mind that came up with Adventure Time Season One is very creative. Adventure Time Season One likes to party - in numerous episodes.

Adventure Time Season One explores a variety of topics too. It is anti-parents, anti-businessmen, pro violence, disrespecting the elderly, pro magic, pro imagination, and pro saving people. Some of the humor in Adventure Time Season One can be on the gross side. In fact at times this show reminded me of Ren and Stimpy. Especially in terms of the some of the artwork.

Two episodes on Adventure Time Season One stick out for me. It is when they show how bad businessmen are, and when they try to solve their problems with non-violence. The heroes in Adventure Time Season One have definite flaws. They can be stubborn, selfish, rude, crude, and lie. At times it seems they battle evil characters for the sheer joy of fighting. Adventure Time Season One has an unhealthy obsession with having characters shake their butts at others.
- Paul


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 66%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 71%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Blu-ray
Publisher: Cartoon Network
Rating: ‘TV-PG’ - This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children under the age of 10
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