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Transformers Prime Season Two




Transformers Prime Season Two 


I have a confession to make. Many times I am watching a television show, and I am eager for it to be done with. I can not wait for it to finish. That is not the case with Transformers Prime Season Two. The intelligent writing drew me in. The twists and turns captivated my attention. I saw the story building, until the final shocking moments.

We start out in Transformers Prime Season Two in a very bad place. We learn what happens next and how the show crawls out of the hole it got itself into. We meet new friends, and new enemies. Each and every character has their own motivations, personality, goals, and desires.

We learn of the all these Autobot relics in Transformers Prime Season Two. Their locations on earth are hidden in an encrypted database. As things are unlocked there are constant battles for these ultra powerful weapons, tools, and other such resources. At the end we learn of four keys that turn on a device that will restore Cybertron.

The season finale leaves us with a true cliffhanger. Things look very grim in Transformers Prime Season Two at the end. I found myself glued to my seat wondering what was going to happen next, and where it would finally stop. At that point I realized the journey in Transformers Prime Season Two is the best part. So I will not spoil any of the twists and turns for you.

Transformers Prime Season Two has robot on robot violence. Humans are threatened, and injured in some cases. There are good and bad humans just like good and bad Transformers. There are lessons to be learned about honesty, loyalty, safety, doing the right thing, and helping those in danger.

The voice acting continues to be astounding. I smile as I watch Transformers Prime Season Two. I can see the talent in the artwork, and the talent in the voices. My biggest complaint is Bumblebee. I want him to talk. I am sick of the bleeps and bops. Please give him a voice. Speaking of voices, why wasn't the first voice of Cliff Jumper brought back?

Transformers Prime Season Two sucked in both of my boys. They particularly liked the Optimus Prime Up Close and Personal bonus feature. The twenty six episodes of Transformers Prime never got old for them, and probably won't for some time to come. This show continues to improve.
- Paul


Graphics: 76%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 93%
Gameplay: 94%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Shout Factory
ating: ‘TV-Y7’ - for Designed for Children Seven Years of Age or Older
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