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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 


One of most anticipated annual games for me each year is EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour. The last two years have seen the franchise continue to improve allowing simulation golf to become more realistic and entertaining than any golf fan could have ever imagined. So, the question for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is whether or not it could build on the success of the last two years, or would it falter and come up just short of the green. I am glad to be able to tell you it lands safely on the green and scores another winner for EA Sports.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 builds upon the success the franchise has know for years and adds some new features that really add to the title. This year the focus of the game is the new control scheme for swinging the club. This is a refreshing overhaul that I did not see as needed, but now see the tremendous advantage of having. Also, new this year is the addition of Kinect support for the Xbox 360. While some have seen it as gimmicky, I really enjoyed my time using the Kinect. Even with the new control scheme, I found myself using the Kinect more often.

Keep in mind there is a learning curve with using the Kinect. Motions in your swing need to be over dramatized in order for them to all register with the sensor. And it does take some practice. My first hole using the Kinect I “earned” a double bogie. But after staying with it and working on the mechanics I was soon scoring pars and birdies just as if I was using the standard controller.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 also brings a new mode which allows you to play through the life of Tiger Woods – Legacy Mode. This mode starts you out as toddler Tiger and through a lot, and I mean a LOT, of achievements you work your way through his career. This is a bit of nostalgia for golf fans, but not everyone will find it to their liking. While I enjoyed the drills, some may find them tedious and tiresome. Overall, I like this mode and find it a good addition to the title.

Those looking for online play will find enjoyment in the Country Club mode. Create your own Country Club and then compete with others online. EA did a great job of creating a fun way to interact online other than just playing a round of golf against other gamers.

The graphical presentation in the game takes another step forward. The courses are breath taking and the character models look true to life. When playing at Augusta National you feel like you are walking down the back 9 in hopes of winning the Masters. I thoroughly enjoy the way the atmosphere makes you feel as though you are on the course.

One thing that I did find a little puzzling was the focus on earning coins. These coins must be earned and are used to unlock additional content. Or, as the frequent “advertisements” suggest you can simply buy more coins in order to get the DLC. I am sure some gamers will feel as though they already spent the money on the game, so why all the attention to paying more for DLC. Now, there is more than enough content to keep the average gamer busy, just thought this was worth noting.

Overall, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is a tremendous sports game. A must have for any golf fan and I would recommend it to any sports fan as well. With the addition of Kinect support and the new swing controls, EA repeats as Champion of the golfing video game world.
- Alan

UPDATE {05/25/2012} Family Friendly Gaming is aware of the role model issues Tiger Woods has and how controversial he is.


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 99%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 93%
System: Xbox 360/PS3
Publisher: EA Sports
ating:  ‘E’ - Everyone

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