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The Sims 3 


I enjoy the Animal Crossing video games so I borrowed Paul’s Nintendo 3DS to play The Sims 3. This is my first interaction with The Sims, and the first time Family Friendly Gaming has sounded off on the mainstream Sims franchise. We have reviewed games from the My Sims franchise. This hand held game has you create your Sim, purchase a house and start to watch them. There is interaction in this game but way less than Animal Crossing. Sims can learn skills, purchase things, work, and live a life.

I am disappointed with the graphics in The Sims 3. The graphics are generally tiny, and you can zoom them out. Why would I want to zoom out already small graphics? I do not get that. The details are blurry. There can be violent content, and certain attire choices should not be worn. Nudity is blurred out thankfully. There are visual images I found extremely disturbing in the sexual deviant realm. The 3D effect in the The Sims 3 did not impress me either.

Sims have this strange, odd, weird language that sounds like gibberish to us. I am not impressed with this, and it was very annoying to me. There is various music in The Sims 3 that also irritated me. Songs can be changed, but I found few that I enjoyed. Sims like to dance to the music, but I was never inclined to join them. The game gives the players choices - many are paths to destruction.

I had a very hard time playing The Sims 3. Which I will get into in just a minute. There is a lot of unlockable content as well as items that can be purchased. The Sims 3 teaches a worldly view of amassing wealth, and getting more things. I purchased The Sims 3, and feel like I wasted my money on it.

The controls in The Sims 3 are small, and difficult to remember. I am not a fan of how this game had me move the camera around. I ran into problems doing simple things like trying to stop a thief. Or getting my Sim to go to work. The Sims 3 frustrated me on so many levels that I did not enjoy the experience one bit.

I really hope this franchise goes the way of the dinosaurs. I did not like it one bit. I do not see the reason to realize your dreams inside a video game. Why not go out into the real world and realize them there? Or better yet make the real world a better place for everyone. Hiding inside a game living a semi real life makes no sense to me. I am also not fond of a game that is trying to shove their belief in sexual deviation being the same as normal healthy relationships. I do not agree with the lessons this 3DS game teaches.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 45%
Sound: 55%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 45%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: EA
Rating:    ‘T’ for Teen
{Crude Humor, Mild Violence, Sexual Themes}

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