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The Pilgrims Progress





The Pilgrims Progress 


I do not play many games on the Personal Computer (PC). Mainly because most of them require copious amounts of time, a degree is some kind of major history, or the most powerful computer on the planet. Yes I exaggerated a little bit there. Which is why I love coming across a game that I can play that is not running extremely slow, or telling me to upgrade. I prefer buying a console and getting to buy games for it for five to ten years without worrying about some kind of upgrade.

My present laptop is closing in on four years old, and I had about given up on any current PC game working on it. Even recent releases from smaller developers have not worked on it. I hope to get a newer one sometime later this year. Which is one of the reasons I think The Pilgrim's Progress is so cool. This game works on my computer. And I was very surprised to find that out.

The details in the graphics are amazing. The artwork, and the level design looks great in The Pilgrim's Progress. The story follows the book in glorious 2D. This is a game that would work great on the Wii, PS3 and/or Xbox 360. I hope there is a port at some future date. The enemies are seen on screen. Walk up to them, and a one on one battle begins. This is done in the standard role playing game turns. Player pick how they will combat the enemy. Will you use grace, faith, power, prayer, etc. This is something we have asked for over at Family Friendly Gaming for years.

The music in The Pilgrim's Progress is alive. If you are asleep, you will not be once a battle scene takes place. The rockish excitement made me ask: "is this a Christian game?" Very contemporary, and I like it. The storyline comes directly from the book which tells a wonderful story. This is not the first game I have played on this book. But I do believe it is the best.

The price of The Pilgrim's Progress is reasonable, especially considering all of the large screens, quests, and characters to interact with. Like a true role playing game, you better do some leveling up before moving on. I found out very quickly that moving on to the next section at a low level was not a wise idea.

Certain portions of The Pilgrim's Progress can be confusing. I fell down a hole, and had problems jumping up onto a platform. The collision detection was keeping me from jumping through the pipe. But jumping, moving up and right at the same time took some dexterity. That is the main area I can see in The Pilgrim's Progress that needs some improvement. The controls can be a bit clunky. Although they match some of the early character animations.

There are great lessons in The Pilgrim's Progress. This PC game teaches how difficult it is to follow God's path. There are so many ways we can be distracted. The world, and the things of it. Entertainment, sports, relationships, work, and so much more can drain away our joy. Shining as a light in a dark world is not always an easy thing to do. But the rewards are worth it.
- Paul


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 99%
Replay/Extras: 92%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 92%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Hope Animation
‘NR’ - Not Rated

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