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Style Savvy Trendsetters




Style Savvy Trendsetters 


One of the reasons Family Friendly Gaming has been supportive of Nintendo for so many years is they recognize girls want different kinds of video games than boys. Women want different things out of a game than men do. Nintendo intelligently designs girl games for girls.

Style Savvy Trendsetters is a prime time example of this. This Nintendo 3DS little game is all about fashion. Talk to most men about fashion and they could care less - unless they are a little funny. But we women look at what matches, and what goes with what. My husband could care less how he looks. It does not matter to him or our boys.

Style Savvy Trendsetters builds slowly. This hand held game consistently brings new concepts to the female gamer. We start with picking out simple fashions, and then we have to purchase merchandise, and then we find out about the fashion contest. Make up and hair styles are added to the mix.

Style Savvy Trendsetters comes in two forms. The first is a downloadable copy from the online store. Make sure you have enough room on your SD card since it takes over 10K in blocks. The second is the hard copy with a cartridge and a case. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these. You can to decide which is the path best for your family.

The women in Style Savvy Trendsetters are skinny. I did not notice many plus sizes in Style Savvy Trendsetters. Which matches the fashion industry. Although it would be have been nice for some more love for the rotund. I will not get into the whole self esteem issue for young girls who are not size twos.

Style Savvy Trendsetters can teach all kinds of different lessons. The first is how to put together an ensemble. The second is managing a store and making sure the store has enough stock of the different articles of clothing. The final is managing the finances to be successful.

I am very thankful that Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for this review. Style Savvy Trendsetters is a fantastic little game for girls interested in fashion. There are plenty of styles and brands that can be mixed and matched in Style Savvy Trendsetters.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 89%
Replay/Extras: 93%
Gameplay: 88%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
ating: ‘E’ - Everyone

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