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Steel Diver 


Steel Diver is one of those few first generation Nintendo 3DS titles that we missed here at Family Friendly Gaming. After playing Steel Diver I feel like we did not miss much. This submarine game is more of a tech demo in my opinion than an actual complete video game. There are three different submarines in Steel Diver. The small one, a medium size one, and a large one. Each of them have different strengths and weaknesses.

The graphics in Steel Diver are very disappointing. The 3D effects are not that great, and do little to help this game. The submarines, and ships explode and sink. The submarines can also crash into rocks underwater. When your submarine takes damage there can be water leaks on the bottom touch screen. Tapping that leak will stop it, and the only way the player has access to the controls. The periscope levels look better than the main levels but just barely. The graphics in Steel Diver are also pretty small in my opinion.

When I first started playing Steel Diver enjoyed the sounds - especially the voice. After a few levels I got tired of hearing there was a hull breach, and the ship was taking damage. The repetition became an irritation. Steel Diver is kind by explaining the goal of each mission. The aquatic music fits the theme of this hand held title.

There are seven levels in Steel Diver in the main game. There are two other mini games which are limited in their capabilities. Players can unlock all kinds of decals in Steel Diver which grant better attributes. But they are not really needed. The thing about Steel Diver that is most irritating is having to beat the levels with each of the three submarines. This is manufactured replay value that hurts. I spent my own money and Steel Diver, and feel like it was wasted.

The controls in Steel Diver take some getting used to. There is a slider for going forward, and a slider for going up and down. Players need to work with these to move around the levels. The controls in Steel Diver do not feel natural at all. It can take some effort to work with them to achieve success. The medium and large submarine both have rotational controls. So the submarines can be moving at angles as well. This helps in the main boss level. Torpedoes take a few seconds to charge, and the masker helps with torpedoes coming your way.

Going to the surface in Steel Diver will heal the damage your submarine has attained. This is an important lesson to learn in this game. The rest of the lessons involve using violence to stop the other side. They greatly outnumber us, so we must murder as many of them as possible. Steel Diver is sort of an enhanced arcade style of a game.
- Paul


Graphics: 63%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 52%
Gameplay: 59%
Family Friendly Factor: 62%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo

Rating:    ‘E10+’ for Everyone 10+
{Mild Violence}

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