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Star Wars Force Unleashed 


I know there is a sequel to this game out, and I know this is an older game on the Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. There are versions on other consoles, but this is the version I wanted to play. Why would I want to play the older version first? Well I like to start in the beginning. In fact that is how I first read the Holy Bible - In the beginning. Players take on the role of Darth Vaders secret apprentice. He is grooming you to help him kill the emperor. Can you feel the love?

The graphics gave me a headache on numerous occasions. First off the camera is horrible. I had to keep fighting it in Star Wars Force Unleashed. Then there is the constant violence. I lost count of how many thousands of aliens and robots I murdered. They start to look the same. Well technically many of them look the same so it helps with the boredom.

Expect orchestra style Star Wars music in Star Wars Force Unleashed. The voice acting is stellar. They exhibit their emotions really well. But they don’t have a lot of range. Look dark side, and hatred. This part of this game is boring as well. And a little unsettling.

There are trophies that can be earned, and force powers that can be upgraded. Upgrades are hidden in various places. I find it funny when a game wants you to hurry, but hides things which encourages looking around. I purchased Star Wars Force Unleashed myself, and feel like my money was wasted.

The game play is one of the worst things about Star Wars Force Unleashed. Go into a room and murder a bunch of guys. Go a little further and do the same thing. Go a little further, and guess what? Yup we get to murder a bunch more. On a rare occasion I had to use the force to do something like open a door. Or move something to pull the power from a force field. Not exactly anything exciting.

There is some mild enticement to lust in Star Wars Force Unleashed. Nice to see the ESRB had their eyes closed when the bouncing was happening. The characters in Star Wars Force Unleashed are ultra powerful. They get it from some evil source. Not the kind of game that promotes the right kind of living.
- Sam


Graphics: 48%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 78%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 45%
System: Xbox 360/PS3
Publisher: LucasArts
Rating:   ‘T’ - Teen

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