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Fluid based puzzle games are nothing new. The presentation of Puddle is one of the areas where it really shines. Plus Puddle does not stop at water. There are various liquids that player can play with. How do you play with liquids? By tilting the screen left and right. I know, I know it sounds pretty boring. Thankfully Puddle throws in some obstacles to stop you.

Obstacles you ask? Sure things like loops, fire, acid, and more will destroy the liquid. This shrinks the volume and can end a level. If a level end the game will offer you a Whine. You can whine about the level being too hard, and skip it. Careful my friends because you only have so many whines to use in Puddle.

The graphics in Puddle are done in an artistic fashion. An example is the first level. We see a human male pour a liquid into a glass. He is completely blacked out but we see some details like hair. The liquid shines against this backdrop. The fire pits in Puddle also shine pretty brightly. It is fresh to see the hazards shining brightly against the rest of the levels.

The music in Puddle ranges from soothing to eerie. Some of us at Family Friendly Gaming really got into the music, whereas others were not impressed. But then different people have different tastes. The hazards will sizzle your fluid away if you leave them on them too long. It also depends on their intensity.

Puddle is an action puzzle game in my opinion. There is some mild violence of things like exploding a piece of machinery. Puddle also contains things like blood - which is a liquid. I am surprised the ESRB gave Puddle a 'T' for Teen rating. But it can not hurt. Children will probably get frustrated with the difficulty of many levels in Puddle.

I found myself wanting to do other things in Puddle besides tilt the screen left and right. The physics of the liquid is generally good. I felt in a few instances the liquid should have stayed in a certain spot instead of glide uphill. This was usually when I was trying to get all of the liquid together. I enjoyed my time with Puddle.
- Frank


Graphics: 77%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 83%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Xbox 360/PS3
Publisher: Konami
‘T’ - Teen
{Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor, Mild Blood}

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