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Planet Crashers




 Planet Crashers    


Planet Crashers is a cute downloadable game from developer Renegade Kid. Ignition Entertainment picked up the publishing of this Nintendo 3DS title. Planet Crashers reminds me of apps I have played, but it is definitely different. We perform quests in this game that amount to the player going into a dungeon and reaching a certain point. We may deliver something, save someone, or fight someone.

Fighting is a big part of Planet Crashers. We run into other characters that want to dismantle us. Planet Crashers is whimsical in terms of the violent combat. Examples of weapons are pencils, bananas and carrots. I give Planet Crashers props for coming up with some different weapons. It is hard not to laugh at a banana as a weapon.

The level of details in the graphics of Planet Crashers is wanting. The 3D effects are okay. The scaling and rotation of the planets looks really neat. The details on the characters in Planet Crashers are blocky, and honestly lacking. The violence content in Planet Crashers is tame for an E10+ rated game. We give the command and the character enacts the attack. We have to press the 'A' button at a specific time(s) depending upon the attack being used.

I had to turn the music off while playing Planet Crashers. Why? it got stuck in my head and hours later it was running through my brain. I am not complaining because the little jingle is neat. The addictive nature of it is what drove me to turn off the music. This music as well as the special effects accentuates the comical nature of this Nintendo 3DS game.

I can see some of the Family Friendly Gaming readers questioning the $9.99 price tag. The universe in Planet Crashers is massive. There are multiple planets. Each planet has multiple dungeons. There are also many characters with quests, and a quests board. If all of that were not enough there is also online play in Planet Crashers.

The core to Planet Crashers is leveling up. We have to be certain levels to perform certain quests. We have to be a certain level to travel to the next world. On and on it goes. Grinding takes forever in Planet Crashers. Completing quests grants way more experience than fighting. So I avoided fighting as much as possible. It is time consuming and not very enjoyable. Completing quests is fun though.

Planet Crashers has various items we can use to improve our stats. The one catch to that is the stat change only works for the next battle. Losing a battle in Planet Crashers is like losing in many online games. Gold and items are lost. Players lose money and items if they run away as well. Winning grants money and experience. Items are all over the rooms of the dungeons.

Planet Crashers is a fun little role playing game that works well on the Nintendo 3DS. The key to success in Planet Crashers is to do the right quests in the right order. Also be patient in terms of going to a new planet. It pays to earn an extra level or two before moving on. I am very thankful that I was provided a download code to review Planet Crashers.
- Luke


Graphics: 73%
Sound: 93%
Replay/Extras: 94%
Gameplay: 81%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
ating:  ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
Alcohol Reference, Mild Cartoon Violence}

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