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We have been following Orgarhythm for some time now here at Family Friendly Gaming for a couple of reasons. First off it is so different that it intrigued us. Secondly because it is a Vita title, and we were starving for Vita games. Orgarhythm is like nothing you have ever played before.

Orgarhythm is a real time strategy game on rails that marches to the beat. That probably made no sense whatsoever. But trust me that is exactly what this little hand held game is. Let me try to separate it all out. You play a god with followers. The music is playing while ya'll are marching down the pre-set and pre-defined path. We have to tap on the god character to bring up a menu. We then pick which of our teams we use - fire, water, and earth. They go forth and attack our enemies.

I hope that makes sense because Orgarhythm has to be played to be comprehend. Speaking of playing Orgarhythm - go through the tutorial first. I started playing Orgarhythm, and was utterly confused. After dying quickly a couple of times (and leveling up) I decided to check out the tutorial. It showed me a few game play concepts I did not know about.

Our followers will battle it out with the enemies. I think they are the followers of the dark god. You know what is really lame about Orgarhythm? The followers of darkness greatly outnumber the followers of the light. The good news is we level up in Orgarhythm like a role playing game. This grants us better powers, and more followers.

Make no bones about it, Orgarhythm is a quirky little title. It can easily become a cult classic among those who march to the same beat. I can also see many gamers rejecting Orgarhythm because it is so different. It took me some time to wrap my mind around this game.

There are multiple modes, levels, and difficulties in Orgarhythm. Expect to play through many of the levels more than one time. Orgarhythm is a little on the hard side, especially if you skip the tutorial. Those gamers that are looking for a challenge, and want a brand new experience - will find a lot of replay value in Orgarhythm.

The spiritual aspect is the oddest thing about Orgarhythm. The god of light is extremely weak, and relies on his followers to defend him. The god of darkness is much more powerful, and have plenty of strong minions to defend him. In essence Orgarhythm is the opposite of the real spiritual world. The player can (with many hours of practice) have the god of light triumph.
- Paul


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 84%
Family Friendly Factor: 59%
System: PS Vita
Publisher: XSeed Games
ating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes}

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