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Noahs Bible Challenge


Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval


Noahs Bible Challenge 


You might have noticed we are stingy here at Family Friendly Gaming when it comes to giving out our seal of approval. Sure other gaming sites, review sites, blogs, message boards, whatevers give them out like candy. We have high standards here at Family Friendly Gaming. Companies have learned they can't buy it from us, they can not advertise their way to them, and they can't threaten us to provide them. When we give out our seal of approval it means something.

Why did I start the review with that rant? Because Noah's Bible Challenge earns our seal of approval. Our rarely given seal of approval. This app came out of the blue, and washed us away. It is fun, fresh, and full of high quality content. And this is something I was not expecting. I do not want to get down on my brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us just say not every Christian game released has been a home run.

The cute art style helps Noah's Bible Challenge in various ways. The rain can be turned on or off. I was impressed with the transparent effects of this. The production value of Noah's Bible Challenge is much higher than I was expecting. Noah's Bible Challenge congratulates when we answer correctly, and explains the answer when we are wrong.

The two difficulty settings in Noah's Bible Challenge are a nice touch. Some of the easy questions can get difficult. And Noah's Bible Challenge will try and trick you on more than one question. I never saw a question repeat, which is really neat. There are over five hundred questions, over one hundred Bible verses, over thirty facts about Jesus and over twenty facts about God  in Noah's Bible Challenge. Families will be kept busy thanks to Noah's Bible Challenge.

The ninety-nine cent price tag is very reasonable. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for this review. I believe Noah's Bible Challenge is worth the price of admission. The music is fantastic, and I love the rain and thunder sounds. But that should come as no surprise to long time readers, especially when one considers where I was raised.

The one complaint I have about Noah's Bible Challenge is the chapters. See I could beat a chapter, and then stop the game when I failed at a later chapter. I had to start over if I close the app. If I left the app open I could return to where I stopped. It would have been nice to have some save feature where I could immediately return to my last game and what chapter I was working on.

The questions in Noah's Bible Challenge are fantastic. I found myself remembering various important parts of the Holy Bible I had not studied in years. Or little facts that are not always easily remembered. If you want to cheat Noah's Bible Challenge will tell you where in the Holy Bible it is referencing. So theoretically you could verify answers before tapping. I choose to go with the knowledge I had. If I got eight out of ten right I progressed. If not, I tried again.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 99%
Replay/Extras: 97%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Peow! Peow!
ating:  ‘4+’ - 4+

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