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New Little Kings Story




New Little Kings Story 


New Little King's Story is a drastic improvement over Little King's Story. Which is odd since the first game was on the Wii, and New Little King's Story is on the PS Vita. That is not the only change. The publisher this time is Konami. And there are numerous in game modifications as well.

Let us be honest - the PS Vita has been starved for role playing games. It has been starved for any games, but RPG's most definitely. It may be a loose interpretation to put New Little King's Story in the RPG column, but we take on the role of a king who levels up, and his workers level up too.

Workers may be a bad term for the people in New Little King's Story. They are subjects that love their king. Especially if you conquer and do not let them die in the process. We can also swing our swords in New Little King's Story. This means our king can get right in the fray. Just watch your small health bar or you will be transported back to the castle where you will have to rest.

The religious aspects have been made friendlier to the American audience in New Little King's Story. The new monk is accompanied by a doctor. She talks the king into building a church and a hospital after the first boss character is beaten. They do not try to beat the king or players over the head like the original game. This is a major improvement in the franchise. It is great that the monk tells us he believes God is in control and the reason there is success.

The graphics look good on this portable device. We send our troops into battle but do not see any blood or gore. When an animal or monsters health is gone it falls down and vanishes. There are female characters in New Little King's Story that could have used some more clothing. Like the alchemist, and doctor - those are two early examples.

Veterans of the first game will know exactly what to do in New Little King's Story. They will also notice the king is older (looks like a teenager now), and has to flee his original kingdom. Why? It was conquered. So we go on a quest to get strong enough to re-acquire our kingdom. This is done by conquering everything around us.

The music is wonderful in New Little King's Story. These songs could sooth the savage beast. Too bad they are not attacks we can use against these monsters. There are some words that could have been left out, and some unpleasant humor in New Little King's Story.

The core of New Little King's Story stays true to the original formula. We go out and treasure hunt. Bring it back to the castle to turn it into money. From there we build new buildings, increase our powers and more. The different professions are extremely important in New Little King's Story. Having a well balanced team is essential to progressing through New Little King's Story. The more subjects one commands is also extremely important.

Knowing when to get personally involved in a battle is something all gamers need to be aware of. New Little King's Story lets us take charge, or sit back. We can shift our approach with each battle. There are many hours of game play in New Little King's Story. Expect to sink some time into finding every aspect of it.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 63%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 73%
Family Friendly Factor: 58%
System: Konami
Publisher: PS Vita
ating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol}

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