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NFL Pro 2012 


Who out there does not like free stuff? Be honest now. If someone comes to you with something free, won’t you take it? I understand you might be skeptical. There are times and places I am skeptical. This is where I introduce NFL Pro 2012. This iPhone/iPod Touch app is completely free. It’s a NFL licensed football game. Not sure how this game snuck by EA and their exclusive license. Maybe this platform was not a part of their contract. Your team gets experience as plays are performed. That experience can be used (during a level up to improve the stats of players on your team. Expect these improvements to take a long time.

For a free game NFL Pro 2012 looks amazing. I did not think a football game could look this good on this platform. GameLoft has outdone themselves in terms of the players and stadiums. The fans are pretty pathetic looking though. Tackling in NFL Pro 2012 is realistic. The animations in NFL Pro 2012 are good. I saw some minor glitches here and there but nothing major thankfully.

The sounds in NFL Pro 2012 are okay. I enjoyed the tutorial. My one complaint is NFL Pro 2012 is really pushing players to purchase stuff, and this app is constantly sending me messages about something new. This is even when the machine is in sleep mode.

The amount of content in NFL Pro 2012 is insane. All thirty-two teams with over two thousand players are included in NFL Pro 2012. If you are patient then there can be weeks of replay value in NFL Pro 2012. I wish NFL Pro 2012 had an option to pay once for the game, and get rid of all the annoying little features trying to drain our bank accounts.

I hate kicking in NFL Pro 2012. This is a frustrating feature. Drag the ball down into the white and then back up. This does not work very well. The control stick on the screen is also a problem at times too. Especially on things like the kick returns. I wound up running the wrong direction initially more than once. The leveling up system is a neat feature in this franchise. Trying to pass can get confusing on this small screen.

NFL Pro 2012 teaches us to work diligently to improve. A basic understanding in football is also provided. The AI in NFL Pro 2012 is not very bright. I suppose all the focus was on graphics. I am also not big on only being able to select certain plays unless I use up my resources. The way to get more of them? Why pay them real world money of course. A one time purchase option needs to be presented to consumers in the future.
- Frank


Graphics: 98%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: iPhone/iPod Touch{tested}
Publisher:  GameLoft

Rating:    ‘4+’ - 4+

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