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NBA 2K13 NBA 2K13 NBA 2K13 NBA 2K13 


All the talking is done. All of the hype has stopped. NBA 2K13 has arrived here at Family Friendly Gaming. The time to look at images, watch videos, and read news stories has come to an end. It is now time to share my impressions after playing it. This year it is a mixed bag.

2K Sports does not just churn out basketball game after basketball game year after year. They add interesting things every single year. In NBA 2K13 we get a Shoe Creator, USA Basketball Dream Teams, Virtual Currency NBA 2K Everywhere, and some right stick controls.

The first thing I ran into with NBA 2K13 was it demanded I register an account with them for my player. This required a user name, email, password, and my favorite team. Guess what? I was not able to pick the Seattle Super Sonics. Bad enough they were stolen from Seattle, but I can not register them as my favorite team. Okay getting stolen was definitely worse.

When I finally got through that awkward moment I was able to actually get into the screen with three windows. After pressing some buttons I found the various options. This felt pretty clunky, and honestly pretty annoying. Which almost brings me to the music.

The menu screens thump around with the some guy called Jay Z. Don't worry I had never heard of him before either. After hearing some of his music I could see why. Not my cup of tea. So I found where I could turn off his music. I still had to suffer through his music videos before games started. Hint a press of a button can skip that facet of NBA 2K13.

The announcers are stellar in NBA 2K13. I am shocked and amazed at how good they are, and how accurate they are. Once in a blue moon they made a little remark that was not completely in touch with the events on the screen. But those times were rare. They provided a lot of fascinating information related to the game.

The presentation of NBA 2K13 is amazing. We have company sponsors for certain parts of the game, like a real one. In fact NBA 2K13 can easily fool those walking by. It is that realistic. The graphic angles, and adjustments are another reason. The animations and graphics are shockingly realistic. 2K Sports did an amazing job there.

I will come right out with it. I am not a fan of the new shooting controls in NBA 2K13. They are clunky like those menu screens. I missed so many shots because my guy kept pump faking instead of shooting. The first game I played showed me a little screen and then left it up to me to figure out. The computer controlled characters had no problem scoring over and over again. Expect to lose in NBA 2K13 - and a lot. The only way to win is to figure out how to shoot. I had a few shots make it here and there, but way too often I just failed. This led to frustration.

NBA 2K13 is not approachable for families mainly because of the controls. With enough practice and experience I may be able to (some year) use these controls. But I now have a mental block because NBA 2K13 threw me to the wolves. Losing game after game because the controls are too confusing is going to turn off a lot of family members.

NBA 2K13 contains an insane amount of content. You can create your own shoes and have Nike make them in the real world. Current teams, and classic teams can be played. The Virtual Currency is like an online stock market of items. Prices fluctuate from day to day.

NBA 2K13 is still all in all a very solid basketball player. There are some interesting things players can do with that right stick basketball control. There is room for improvement, especially for those who do not want to use that system, or receive some in game training on how to utilize it effectively on a routine basis.
- Frank


Graphics: 88%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 84%
System: 2K Sports
Publisher: PS3/PC/Wii/Xbox 360
ating: ‘E’ - Everyone

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