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Minion Master 


BitFlip Games mixes card battling action with figurines in Minion Master. This Personal Computer game offers players a wide array of different kinds of card decks. These decks are used in the battles against the computer and other human characters. Minion Master has an interesting and unique twist to it.

The cards look like many other card games on the market. There are ugly looking monsters, undead disturbing monster (there is a horror deck in Minion Master), knights, archers, footmen, sorceress, and more. The cards look one way, and when they appear on the hexagon grid they look different - this is where they look like figures.

Minion Master reminds me of some board games on the market. The cool thing is there are not all those pieces to lose in Minion Master. Although I would not be surprised if the creators of Minion Master release a toy line at some future date. Especially if Minion Master becomes popular.

There are a couple of phases in Minion Master. We first have to plan what we will do. Mana is required for actions. So we have to discard some cards in order to play others. I do not play many modern day card games so I found this odd. What is the point of having something in my deck if I don't plan on using it? The next phase is the action phase. This is where we watch the figurines appear on the grind and attack one another.

Before you totally freak out about a lack of interaction with the battle system, let me assure you there are things you can do. For instance Minion Master lets players protect a certain tile. This can be used in defensive measures or where the terrain is to your benefit.

The single player levels can be easy or frustrating depending on the luck of the draw. You may not get needed cards and wind up losing because of it. Or you may get everything you need right when you need it. This can be fun or frustrating at times. The coolest part about Minion Master is building your own deck and playing with it.

The tutorial in Minion Master is fantastic. In a few short lessons families can learn how to play this Personal Computer video game. Learning all of the nuances will take time. I expect additional card decks to come out in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 68%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Gameplay: 69%
Family Friendly Factor: 66%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: BitFlip Games
ating: Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated
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