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Midway Arcade Origins Midway Arcade Origins 


Midway Arcade Origins is all about the nostalgia baby. Over thirty arcade games in High Definition. These games range from Gauntlet to Arch Rivals. There is Rampage, Total Carnage, Pit-Fighter, Spy Hunter Xybots, Toobin', Marble Madness, Joust, Joust II, Spy Hunter II, Wizard of Wor, and many more.

The arcade realism in Midway Arcade Origins is jaw dropping. I did not remember some of these games were so bloody or so violent. Others are having women busting all out. Midway Arcade Origins is historically accurate, which shames us gamers in so many ways and on so many levels.

The old arcade sounds are alive and well thanks to Midway Arcade Origins. I did not realize certain things were so limited. Defender is a classic example. Although getting blown up had a nice audio effect to go with the really cool visual effect. These games all vary in age, some are older than I am. So I did not expect them to contain the latest music.

The controls are all over the place in Midway Arcade Origins. Some of them are great and others why they were such arcade coin inhalers. I also noticed that there is a noticeable difference between how a game with a trackball controlled in the arcade versus this home console version.

Parents must pay close attention to the rating in Midway Arcade Origins. The ESRB is very lenient, so when they say thirteen years old and older only, you might want to go fifteen or sixteen. The descriptors actively denote the aggressive tendencies in Midway Arcade Origins. With that said there are a few great games in Midway Arcade Origins for kids. There is Toobin', and 720 degrees.
- Sam


Graphics: 45%
Sound: 67%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 53%
System: PS3/Xbox 360
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
Rating: ‘T’ - Teen
{Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Mild Sexual Themes, Violence}
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