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MLB 12 The Show 


Long time Family Friendly Gaming readers know I played football in high school. Inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. I played softball at various points in my life. My favorite time doing that was in the Air Force. People took one look at me, and based on physique thought I was a power hitter. I may have that British Bulldog kind of body shape, and muscle tone; but I have always been a contact hitter. I will start a rally or keep it going. Line drive singles are what I produced.

I brought that mentality with me as I started to play MLB 12 The Show on the PS Vita. I want to get hits, and play that small ball. Yes there are times I will look for that home run. But to be honest, I prefer four or five singles in a row. That is more exciting to me. The chess match of figuring out what the pitcher is going to throw is less appealing. But I found I needed to get there to string together those hits.

Batters feel and play differently in MLB 12 The Show. Some are quicker, and others have betters swings. Pitchers are the same way. Some of them are as accurate as lasers. Others will throw wild pitches. Defenses are also diverse in MLB 12 The Show for the Vita. Some teams make mistakes that I could capitalize on. Others were flawless.

It is not fair to compare MLB 12 The Show on the Vita to its Playstation 3 counterpart. But it can also be difficult to compare MLB 12 The Show to anything else since there are no other baseball games on the Vita. So in that regard MLB 12 The Show is the best baseball game on the Vita. I personally feel it is the best sports game on the Vita right now.

The players, stadiums, and menu screens look great in MLB 12 The Show. I could see fastballs, and sliders coming right at me. The little touches in MLB 12 The Show are apparent. Seeing the shine on the helmet, or gristle on the face of a face. These things stick out. Like seeing the stitches on the baseball. The camera angles makes MLB 12 The Show an easy game to play.

The announcers in MLB 12 The Show are awe inspiring. They have wonderful comments to make throughout the game. Their knowledge of the game of baseball is impressive. I am not really into the music in MLB 12 The Show. I did not recognize one of the bands. I know others may enjoy them. Like the PS3 version they can be turned off. The entire music volume has to be turned off though, not individual songs.

Speaking of the PS3 version. You may have read in our PS3 review that you can share games between the PS3 and Vita. This is done via the Cloud. I think this is a wonderful feature. It is fun to take the game from the PS3, and then play it on the Vita. It is exactly the same game, and I can keep my progress going.

The modes in the Vita version of MLB 12 The Show are Exhibition, Road to the Show, Franchise, Season, Practice Modes, and Home Run Derby. These can keep families busy for months - easily. I found the Road to the Show to be the best mode in this game. Leveling up all kinds of different skills to get on a team that wins the World Series is so much fun.

MLB 12 The Show on the Vita is scaled down a bit from the home console version. With that said it is the best hand held baseball game I have played in some time. I believe Sony has set a new standard for hand held baseball games. The only thing I see topping it is MLB 13 The Show. Sony constantly improves their franchises, and I expect next year's Vita game to be even better.
- Paul


Graphics: 93%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 98%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 92%
System: PS Vita
Publisher: Sony
‘E’- Everyone

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