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Little Deviants 


Not every game that is released is a hit. There are some misses and there are some duds. Sony has had a wonderful launch line up for the Vita. Most likely you have been reading all our reviews on these launch titles. Little Deviants is sadly one launch title that has not hit a home run with Family Friendly Gaming. There are going to be some games that do not speak to us like a burning bush to Moses.

Families need to be aware of the content descriptors for Little Deviants. There is blood, violence, and mischief. With a game title like Little Deviants, it should not come as much of a surprise. Your poor little critters can die in various horrible ways. The violence is a major part of Little Deviants, especially in certain mini games.

The best thing about Little Deviants is the music. The little creatures make sounds that remind me of Squeeballs Party. The sounds in Little Deviants remind me of fun. This is the mega successful part of Little Deviants too. And a great building point for a sequel in my humble opinion. There are also sad sounds when the little critters wind up dying thanks to those evil Botz.

Little Deviants includes leaderboards so you can see where you stack up against everyone else playing this tech demo. Yes I know technically Little Deviants is a game, but it feels more like a tech demo to me. It shows off what the PS Vita can do. Levels can be replay for better scores. The problem in my opinion are the controls of some of these games.

I was really excited about Little Deviants when I started to play it. I have played awesome title after awesome title on the Vita. I was starting to think Sony could do no wrong with this launch. Rolling a creature around by using the back touch screen is the most annoying exercise I have ever performed in gaming. Plus it is difficult to roll something around by creating hills. The shooting game controls better, but expect to move all around lining up the enemy ships.

Some of the mini games in Little Deviants can be fun. They are almost all pretty simplistic. But there are times I want to unwind around a simple game if you know what I mean. The robots are attacking the Little Deviants. Their goal is to get a space ship built so they can escape where they were forced down. And it was a violent attack that forced them down.

There are some interesting ideas in Little Deviants, and it certainly shows the gaming community what the Vita is capable of. After playing so many other stellar launch titles my expectations were pretty high. I could see sequels working for this title in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 63%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: PS Vita
Publisher: Sony
‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Animated Blood, Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief}

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