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Lights Camera Party 


The Playstation 3 earns interesting games thanks to the Move and Playstation Eye. Lights, Camera, Party! is unique in so many ways. It is a party game for two to four family members. You can play by yourself but you have to play both characters. Families can enjoy quick little mini games while trying to earn the house of their dreams.

Lights, Camera, Party! starts out with a rocket being launched into outer space. It does not break the gravity of our planet and crushes the house of this family. They  then get the house of their dreams by playing this game show. Different characters want different house styles. Lights, Camera, Party! takes families through one section at a time. The winner of that section gets their house piece there.

The end product home at the end of a game of Lights, Camera, Party! can be very humorous. Lights, Camera, Party! works on the humor in all areas of the game. From the mini games to what happens in between them. We may be shooting at attacking aliens, or shooting pop guns at cowboys. We can saw the moon in half to find a monkey using the bathroom on the inside.

Except some mild violent content in Lights, Camera, Party!. We throw things, launch characters, and more in this Playstation 3 home console video game. Family members need to be fast while playing Lights, Camera, Party!. There are only a few seconds to figure out what to do in most of the mini games. Some are better than others. Matching Move color to the colors on the screen is an awesome mini game.

Families will find their money well spent on Lights, Camera, Party!. I was provided a code for this review. And I was provided that code before it went live to the public. No that is not bragging. Just stating facts. I am thankful I was provided that code, and thankful our editor in chief chose me for this PS3 review.

The characters in Lights, Camera, Party! look blocky. Monkeys are very involved with Lights, Camera, Party!. Initially I thought Lights, Camera, Party! may have been designed for the Wii. It has a look of some of the Wii family competitive games. The quirky humor is one of the things that sets Lights, Camera, Party! apart from other games in the genre.
- Mark


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 74%
System: PS3
Publisher: Frima Studios
ating:  ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor}

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