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Kid Icarus Uprising 


Fans of Kid Icarus have been clamoring for a sequel for some time now. Nintendo has heard their cries and published Kid Icarus Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS. We actually expected this game a long time ago. Nintendo showed us a video before the Nintendo 3DS was launched. No complaints that we had to wait a year for Pit to finally return as the star of his own video game.

Kid Icarus Uprising is broken down into two main parts. Part one is the flying levels. We move Pit around with the circle joystick, use the touch screen for targeting, and use the 'L' button to fire. If you hold down the 'L' button there is continuous fire. If we lay off for a few seconds we get a charged shot. The second set of levels are on the ground with about the same controls. The one main difference is trying to turn around in the 3D environment. Swipe the screen from one side to the other to turn that way. Do it enough times to turn around.

Kid Icarus Uprising has the player taking on the role of an angel. This angel Pit serves a goddess. Sadly Nintendo has gone all goddess crazy in their recent games (Zelda Skyward Sword being another one). Pit is fighting the underworld to stop Medusa - a dark goddess. Not really clear why this was missed in the regionalization with over 90% of Americans believing in God, and not goddesses. Maybe Nintendo is targeting that less than 10% with Kid Icarus Uprising.

The 3D effects in Kid Icarus Uprising are astounding. I can not believe how good this game looks. You know how we have complained about having to line up our eyes with the screen to make it work? Nintendo has found a solution and it came packed with the Kid Icarus Uprising box. The solution is a 3DS stand. This stabilizes the Nintendo 3DS, and minimizes getting the 3DS screen off center with our eyes. It does make the Nintendo 3DS feel like less of a hand held though.

Kid Icarus Uprising has two visual problems. The first is how some female characters dress. They could put more clothes on. The second is the violence. Kid Icarus Uprising is part shooter and part action adventure title - which is actually more shooting. We can do some hacking and slashing on the ground levels. The more things we shoot and kill the more hearts we get. Hearts are the currency in Kid Icarus Uprising.

One novel aspect of Kid Icarus Uprising is the difficulty setting. Before each level we can wager hearts. If we can beat the level without dying then we get additional hearts. If we want to make the game easier we can spend hearts to do so. This helps Kid Icarus Uprising be approachable by all skill sets. There are also weapons that can be purchased, and merged together to make new ones.

Kid Icarus Uprising is long. There are twenty-five main levels in the single player mode. Each of those contain a flying and a ground level. So we might as well say fifty levels in Kid Icarus Uprising. It can take some time to beat some of the levels which makes Kid Icarus Uprising feel more like a home console than a hand held.

The music in Kid Icarus Uprising is awesome. I also appreciate all of the voice acting throughout the levels. They offer advice on how to beat certain enemies, especially the bosses. The sound needs to be on in Kid Icarus Uprising, otherwise you will miss a lot. There are references to the original Kid Icarus game, and plenty of bad jokes. Yes the jokes are pretty bad in Kid Icarus Uprising.

The control scheme works perfectly in the flying levels. It is easy to move around the screen, avoid being shot, and to murder all the monsters in your path. The ground levels are painful to play. I got headaches after some levels. Running down a hallway and having to take a ninety degree turn to the right (or left) was annoying. Plus an enemy might be waiting and cheaply hit me while I am trying to face that direction. I had trouble jumping in some rooms since there are jump pads, and auto jumping. Running was easy to turn on, but it sure turned itself off quickly.

The bosses in Kid Icarus Uprising will keep players on their toes. There are specific things that must be done to each boss to beat it. Finding what that is, can be part of the fun. The game generally gives the player some verbal direction on this. In intense battles their commands were sometimes missed. It would have been nice if there had been multiple paths to beating each boss.

The spiritual aspects of Kid Icarus Uprising are what bother me the most. I expected the violence. I did not expect all the goddess religious teachings. Nor did I expect all the idol content. I already mentioned the lack of regionalization in this area. There are so many creative ways this could have been handled for the American audience. She could have been an arch-angel fighting off demons. It is my hope and prayer that Nintendo regionalizes the religious content in future games.
- Paul


Graphics: 59%
Sound: 69%
Replay/Extras: 84%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
ating:  ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes}

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