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Jet Set Radio




Jet Set Radio 


Jet Set Radio is back on the Playstation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360, Personal Computer (PC), and Playstation Vita. Jet Set Radio explains right from the start that spraying graffiti is a criminal act in the real world. Jet Set Radio is a counter cultural, underground, gang banging, graffiti spraying, high flying, inline skating experience.

The cel shaded graphics look good on the modern day systems. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code on the PS3 for this review. So the review is based on that version. I am personally not a fan of the cel shaded style, but I can appreciate the art in this home console downloadable game. Two things to watch out for in Jet Set Radio - violence and enticement to lust. Admittedly the second is at a much lower frequency than the first.

The police are shown as a bit of a joke in Jet Set Radio. They will chase you down and shoot you for your crimes. Jet Set Radio tells players to RUN when the police are getting too close. They are a real damper on committing crimes. Just like in the real world. Although I can not imagine getting shot that many times and still able to keep going (in the real world).

The music is a major component of Jet Set Radio. The music ranges across a variety of styles. With that said there are songs with lyrical issues that many families will find offensive. I personally appreciate the upbeat nature of the music in Jet Set Radio. Jet Set Radio includes a DJ that is a real trip. His name is Professor K, and he has to be seen to be believed.

The gangs dance around quite a bit. I guess when they are not tagging areas with their graffiti they are dancing to the music on pirate radio. I found the controls in Jet Set Radio to be touchy at times. I had trouble grinding on certain rails, and jumping to certain locations. More often than not I was able to eventually get where I wanted to go. I may have gotten shot a few extra times.

Jet Set Radio is for the older members of the family only. I would not advise this game for kids. It teaches us to rebel against authority. Art is more important than laws. Jet Set Radio also teaches us the roots of the franchise. I love the documentary included in Jet Set Radio. I miss the Dreamcast and Sega as a home console machine maker. Their hand helds were pretty tight too. Maybe some day they will return like Jet Set Radio has.
- Paul


Graphics: 62%
Sound: 63%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 71%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%
System: PS Vita/PS3/Xbox 360/PC
Publisher: Sega
ating:  ‘T' - Teen
{Mild Lyrics, Violence}

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