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JAM Live Music Arcade 


When I first heard about JAM Live Music Arcade, I thought here we go again. Another music game that is going to glorify foul mouths, and obsess over sex. One for two is not too bad. JAM Live Music Arcade does not try and give us that Rock Band experience, or even the Guitar Hero experience. It feels more like the DJ Hero experience mixed in with the Guitar Hero experience.

JAM Live Music Arcade lets us use a regular Xbox 360 controller or one of our old video game guitars. Sorry no motion sensitive controls. Which would have been very interesting. We have various sections on the board that can be turned on, and each of them have various sounds that can also be turned on. The montage of sounds is what we earn from a little exploration.

JAM Live Music Arcade encourages the players to explore. Find the sounds that go together. I found by going wild and crazy on the buttons I earned a higher score. In fact I could get gold medals with this method on a regular frequency. Which lead to boredom on my part. All that was left to me in JAM Live Music Arcade was unlocking content and listening to the music.

You had better like the songs in JAM Live Music Arcade or it can be a miserable experience. I found very little in the musical catalog that fit my personal musical tastes. Another problem is very little in JAM Live Music Arcade starts out unlocked. We have to go through plenty of songs to get to ones we may actually be interested in.

Families will need to pay close attention to the sexual content, and lyrics in JAM Live Music Arcade. I like to read the songs to see what opinions, attitudes, and ideas the songwriter is trying to pass along. Do I agree with those ideas or not? I will leave the discernment up to you. I will also leave the judgment up to you.

I thought JAM Live Music Arcade was going to be horrible. I came away pleasantly surprised. JAM Live Music Arcade is not a perfect game, but it does try to being something different to the table. JAM Live Music Arcade also helps us recycle our old video game guitars. Which is nice since most other companies have forgotten we shelled out all that money for them.
- Shirley


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 71%
Family Friendly Factor: 68%
System: Xbox 360/PS3
Publisher: Zivix
ating:  'T' - Teen
{Suggestive Themes}

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