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Hotel Transylvania





Hotel Transylvania 


Have you heard about Hotel Transylvania yet? If not, I am sure in the coming months you will hear all about it. I will not dig too much into the movie since I am focusing on the Nintendo 3DS game based off of the movie. And yes I know there have been plenty of movie based games that have not lived up to the hype.

Hotel Transylvania tries some interesting things. First off we have a side scrolling world and map that reminds me of 2D Castlevania games. Hotel Transylvania has characters that are more friendly looking than in Castlevania though. We still have werewolves, mummies, witches, vampires, and shrunken heads. Those heads are still disgusting in my opinion.

The best way to think of Hotel Transylvania is a Halloween kind of universe. All the ghouls and monsters have their own place to get away to. Like invading our lives and world is so exhausting. Don't get me started on that. I do not want to go there. So the daughter of Dracula is turning eighteen and there is a large focus on that in this hand held game.

We spent most of our time in Hotel Transylvania doing chores. We have to go to this area to talk to this person, or deliver something to them. Usually we talk to one person and go deliver something to another one. There are rooms where we play mini games. Normally those are based on the werewolf kids who are misbehaving.

The 3D effects in Hotel Transylvania are okay. There are a few layers but that is how it feels in Hotel Transylvania. Just layers on top of one another. The music is interesting and fun. The dialogue in Hotel Transylvania exhibits high levels of attitude. Which may be funny, but can also cause real world problems.

Enemies in Hotel Transylvania re-appear once we leave a room and come back. This Nintendo 3DS game saves every time we leave a room which is very handy. The enemies coming back all the time is not as handy. GameMill Entertainment's star is definitely on the rise. Hotel Transylvania is proof of this.
- Paul


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 71%
Gameplay: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 56%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: GameMill Entertainment
Rating: 'E10+' - Everyone 10+
{Mild Cartoon Violence}
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