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Herd Herd Herd





Herd Herd Herd 


It is easy to see the difference between an app company, and a console company that makes apps. The console company brings with it a wealth of experience, knowledge, and features. Many app companies put forth an innovative idea but they do not flesh it out. There are exceptions in the industry.

Herd, Herd, Herd comes from the brilliant and kind minds over at 2K Play. They put together a console quality game on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I only have one reservation about this game that I will get into later in my review. We herd animals in Herd, Herd, Herd like chickens.

How do we herd in Herd, Herd, Herd? We tap behind the animal and then move our finger toward them. They are instinctively afraid of our giant fingers and run the other direction. I will let that marinate for just a bit. Do you see the potential problems with this yet? Or do I need to spell it out?

Since I can not get answers in the middle of writing a review, I will explain. The first problem is seeing around and through our fingers to find what we are herding. The second is it can be difficult to get them to go in straight lines. So we are constantly making minor corrections or watching them fall into holes.

The graphics in Herd, Herd, Herd are very cute. I love the little critters in this hand held game. The music continues the comical nature of Herd, Herd, Herd. This game reminds me of Funky Barn in terms of visuals and the music.  Not exactly, but close enough that it came to my mind.

Herd, Herd, Herd would be better with a controller, or a stylus. I can imagine Herd, Herd, Herd working on the Nintendo 3DS. There is a lot of great content and tons of levels in Herd, Herd, Herd. The controls are my only real concern.
- Luke


Graphics: 91%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 71%
Family Friendly Factor: 87%

System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: 2K Play
Rating: ‘RP’ - Rating Pending
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