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Grand Slam Tennis 2 Grand Slam Tennis 2 


If you are like me, you have been enjoying the plethora of coverage of Grand Slam Tennis 2 on the Family Friendly Gaming website. Every week there was something new to see or read about. Our editor in chief has been working overtime bringing coverage of this EA Sports title to our millions of readers. It is such an amazing blessing that my request to review Grand Slam Tennis 2 was approved.

Tennis is a real fun sport. When I was younger I used to play. Nothing professional mind you. Just to get exercise, get outside, and have a grand time. Tennis has a certain soul to it. There are those battles that go back and forth. Deuce! Advantage! Deuce! Advantage! Deuce! Both players wonder what they have to do to put the other player away. Grand Slam Tennis 2 captures this. I talked to myself about what I need to do to win. I looked for opportunities to capitalize on my opponents mistakes. I narrowly saved my game on countless volleys.

The videos explain quite a bit about Grand Slam Tennis 2. Even then I was not completely prepared for the controls. They take some time to adjust to. Once I did, I was playing like a pro. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a copy on the Playstation 3. That means it is compatible with the Playstation Move. So families can get some exercise in their living rooms while playing Grand Slam Tennis 2.

The graphics in Grand Slam Tennis 2 are almost photo realistic. EA Sports went the extra mile with the character creation mode. There are numerous adjustments that can be made to the characters. The human characters in Grand Slam Tennis 2 look close to the real thing at that time. I am talking about John McEnroe, Maria Sharapova, and Serena Williams. Oh yes legends of tennis are in Grand Slam Tennis 2.

The announcers in Grand Slam Tennis 2 scream ESPN. They routinely have interesting commentary, and compliment the player. I was losing a set, and when I came from behind the commentators let me know how impressed they were with my come from behind win. They also commented on good shots, and being out of position. They really help make Grand Slam Tennis 2 feel like watching tennis. The music in Grand Slam Tennis 2 is fantastic. It helped relax me - which is something I needed.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is easily worth the price of admission. You may not like tennis, but there is so much more to Grand Slam Tennis 2. The strategy, ten year careers, Grand Slam Classics, Grand Slam tournaments, and the total racquet control. Grand Slam Tennis 2 can also be used as a history lesson to what happened at certain points in time. Then you get into all the online modes, and being able to download successful character creations.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is one of the best tennis games I have ever played - on any system. It captures the heart and soul of the sport. It teaches perseverance, and good sportsmanship. In these winter months it makes me yearn for better weather. Why? So I can go outside and play some tennis again. EA Sports has a real winner on their hands this year. I hope Grand Slam Tennis 2 earns sequels in the future.
- Frank


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 94%
Gameplay: 91%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: PS3/Xbox 360
Publisher: EA Sports
‘E’- Everyone

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