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Ghostbusters The Video Game 


Anyone else notice 1980s movies are being made into video games? From Gremlins to Back to the Future. Now we have a game based on the Ghostbusters. Okay Ghostbusters The Video Game was released a few years ago. This home console game is new to me since I waited for the price to reach something I found reasonable. I played the Wii version of this game, but it is also on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Ghostbusters The Video Game deals with the supernatural. Ghosts can be captured thanks to certain technology. Ghosts are visible and cause all kinds of havoc.

Ghostbusters The Video Game is not for kids. The visuals are the first clue. Expect to see ghosts, and spirits of the most disgusting nature. Many of them are close to demonic. Some others definitely Satanic. Players shoot their beams at the spiritual manifestations. These guns can also be used on real world objects. Spirits like to hide so you have to destroy the objects to find them.

The characters in Ghostbusters The Video Game look similar to the real world actors from the movies. The player takes on the role of a rookie. Getting to interact with the characters from the movie is a nice treat for fans of the franchise.

I am very disappointed that Ghostbusters The Video Game includes so much bad language. It is not needed and takes away from what could have been a decent little game. The actors display their bad attitudes, wit, and humor in Ghostbusters The Video Game.

Two players can work together to take down the ghosts in Ghostbusters The Video Game. I can not promise either of you will have fun doing it though. There are enough levels split into mini sections to warrant the price of Ghostbusters The Video Game. I just wish the game play had been better.

Ah yes the game play. Ghostbusters The Video Game is the most boring game I have ever played. Here is what we do - find a ghost. Sap the ghosts energy with your weapon. Slam the ghost around a few directions. Throw the trap. Bring the ghost to the trap. Do this hundreds of times and you have the feel of playing Ghostbusters The Video Game.

The spiritual nature of Ghostbusters The Video Game is a very touchy subject. I am not into the spiritual world Ghostbusters The Video Game portrays. There are similarities between the real world, and definite differences. This game relies on technology to solve its problems.
- Luke


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 73%
Gameplay: 66%
Family Friendly Factor: 59%
System: Wii/PC/PS3/Xbox 360
Publisher: Atari
Rating:    ‘E10+’ for Everyone 10+
{Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence, Language}

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