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I have been reviewing hidden object games on the iOS platform for some time now. I have been telling those companies to port their games over the Nintendo 3DS and/or PS Vita. For the most part they have ignored me. You know what happens when you ignore Family Friendly Gaming. Another company beats you to the punch, and winds up making money.

Gardenscapes is the first hidden object game I have ever played on the Nintendo 3DS. It comes from our friends over at Joindots. They put in a neat premise that steers clear of all the occult that too many iOS hidden object games are mired in. The player inherits their grandfathers mansion.

Gardenscapes starts players out in the depressing city. I can relate to how dull, and un-natural cities are. It is so much better to live out in the country. Gardenscapes lets players move out of the congestion and heavily polluted city into more healthy living. Which is what all intelligent people want anyways.

We have to restore the mansion, however we are low on the cash resource. So Gardenscapes requires a credit card and we have to pay real world money to actually do anything in the game. Oops my mistake I was thinking of the iOS platform again. Sorry about that. After you purchase Gardenscapes, you do not need to pony up anymore real world money to continue playing the game.

We go into rooms and find objects that people want. They pay us money for the objects, and that is how we raise money to restore the mansion in Gardenscapes. It also reduces the clutter in the mansion. I should point out that we are restoring the garden by selling house hold goods.

The 3D effects in Gardenscapes are neat. Due to my susceptibility to migraines I do not have it in 3D very often. The buyers will lower the prices they are willing to pay the longer it takes us to find what they want. There are limited hints in Gardenscapes, and there are ways to find more.

Gardenscapes has a couple of really cool things going for it. There are items that can be found that will assist the player in finding the items. A camera will show a hidden item only for a short time. A thermometer will show how close you are to a hidden item. Hints show exactly what an item looks like.

Gardenscapes is the next logical step for the hidden object genre. This game gives us something interesting to play for, and a reason to be quick. Tapping around the screen randomly (my favorite lazy way of playing) is punished in Gardenscapes. The screen will freeze for a few costly seconds.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 94%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Joindots GmbH
ating: Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone
{Alcohol and Tobacco Reference}
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