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GI Joe Series 2 Season 2 


Shout Factory continues their progress through GI Joe with GI Joe Series 2 Season 2. The twenty episodes in this season come to around seven hours of DVD play time. Which is quite a bit. This version of GI Joe contains numerous characters from later in the toyline. As well as many different vehicles. The writers came up with ingenious ways of using these characters and vehicles.

What kind of characters? Well they incorporated the Eco-Warriors for one. These were the water spewing toys that wanted to clean up the pollution on the planet. Sort of like Captain Planet. Thankfully the Eco-Warriors are not as preachy as Captain Planet. The Ninja Force is another one that was woven into GI Joe Series 2 Season 2.

GI Joe Series 2 Season 2 did away with the public service announcement message from previous GI Joe television shows. What it did instead was devote two episodes to fighting drugs. This was a welcome change of pace in my humble opinion. Teaching kids to just say NO is a message that works to this day.

This is GI Joe, so expect a lot of violence. The good news about GI Joe Series 2 Season 2 is no one dies. Robots get disassembled, and people get frozen, but nobody dies in this show. Cobra captures the good guys, and have a few shining moments themselves. Mainly in the drug episodes. But there are a few other points.

The theme song is stuck in my head. Which probably has more to do with watching seven hours of GI Joe Series 2 Season 2 in one day. I did take breaks - mainly for my own personal sanity. The voice acting is good. There are some minor language issues in GI Joe Series 2 Season 2. Cobra Commander loves to insult other characters with certain words.

As many of ya'll know I am a disabled war veteran. Part of the reason I joined the Air Force is because of GI Joe. The real thing was nothing like the cartoon. But I can still appreciate the message in GI Joe Series 2 Season 2. It is complimentary of the men and women who serve in our military. And that also extends to those of us who served in the past. Respecting those who fought for our freedoms and rights is a noble thing.

I love the Retrospective Featurrette With The Hasbro Toy Team. This little bonus feature is one of the most interesting parts of this package to me. I should point out that the last two episodes of GI Joe Series 2 Season 2 are in essence rehash. Video from previous episodes are used, and strung together telling a certain story, or providing interesting commentary.

GI Joe Series 2 Season 2 contains some humor in it. This is mainly on the Cobra side, but there is some GI Jokes as well. I was not expecting this, so it was a pleasant surprise. Storm Shadow has a great costume in GI Joe Series 2 Season 2. Snake Eyes has a horrible one. Some of the bright colors that other characters use are very unique.
- Paul


Graphics: 62%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: DVD
Publisher: Shout Factory
‘G’ - General Audiences

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