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GI Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1





GI Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1 


G.I. Joe has had a few reboot attempts over the years. None of them connected with me, or I could not stand them. So I found myself expecting the same thing from G.I. Joe Renegades. There are so many changes in this television show that it threw me. The characters, allegiances, and entire universe. First and foremost Cobra Industries is a respected company.

What the world does not know is Cobra hides all kinds of secrets. A small band of the military go on a mission to expose them. Things go horribly wrong, and they wind up being hunted. These fugitives help different people along the way in different towns while trying to find evidence to clear their names. and expose Cobra. The A-Team had a similar plot.

There are plenty of characters in G.I. Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1 that share the same names as characters from previous G.I Joe franchises. The main difference is how they act and look. The characters in G.I. Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1 are deeper, and not always connected with Cobra or G.I. Joe. This adds a nice layer of realism to this show.

There violence in G.I. Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1. I appreciate how much of it happens off screen like in Justice League Unlimited. We know someone is hit when the sound is made and the motion is coming, we don't need to see it. There is also one episode with a brief second or two of enticement to lust. This is very mild though.

The Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow ninja battles are amazing. These are at the level of the comic books. The motives for both characters is shown clearly. G.I. Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1 captured these characters flawlessly. The voice acting in G.I. Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1 is stellar. I love hearing the voices. The music is good, and the intro explains the story of the show.

There are thirteen episodes in G.I. Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1. That is a season for an animated show. I do not know why it is only volume one. The intelligent writing will have kids and adults eating these episodes up. Some behind the scenes would have been nice, but I appreciate how well this show is put together.

The main theme of G.I. Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1 is to shine the light of truth on some darkness. This is a wonderful lesson for all of us. There are plenty of current major corporations that can be filled with evil. There are also many military personnel doing their best to keep us safe. I can not wait to see where this show goes in the future. One of the best animated shows I have seen all year long.
- Paul


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 82%
Family Friendly Factor: 71%
System: DVD
Publisher: Shout Factory
‘TV-Y7' - (material suitable for children 7 and older)

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