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Funky Barn 3D




Funky Barn 3D 


There are certain video game publishers that I love working with. Ubisoft is one of those companies. They come up with so many wonderful games for families. They have a wide array of games, and they work diligently to provide the best for a diverse range of gamers. Funky Barn 3D is the latest Ubisoft game we are reviewing.

Funky Barn 3D can be a difficult game to classify. We have a farm that we build. It is more like restore an area to a farm. How the area is populated is up to us. Want mainly chickens? You can do that. Want more sheep and other animals? You can do that. What kind of trees do you want? Where should the fences go? You decide all of these things.

My biggest complaint against Funky Barn 3D is the farmer guide is not very patient. He tells me to go and purchase a fruit tree. Before I can complete that little goal, he is telling me something else like a chicken is scared - so go build a fence. At times I felt like telling Funky Barn 3D to make up its mind. What do you want? I can only do one thing at a time.

Things like the troughs go out of supplies very quickly. How can we fix that? Purchase more or upgrade the existing ones. These things need to be refilled all of the time. I spent most of my time in Funky Barn 3D filling those back up. Once in awhile I would deposit eggs in that machine for money or shear the sheep.

Be very careful with your money in Funky Barn 3D. It can be easy to over spend and it will take time to rebuild. Funky Barn 3D can be played for a few minutes or for hours. Family members can come back day after day improving their farms. Yes Funky Barn 3D may be impatient with us, but we can go at our own pace. Even if it is a snails pace.

Funky Barn 3D would be interesting enough with all of this going for it. But the developer Tantalus was not done. They brought us things that will try and destroy our farm and animals. At a quicker pace than the stork can bring us new ones. I love how Funky Barn 3D encourages us to build something up, and to provide resources for our communities. Farmers have a difficult job and they should be honored. I am honored that I was able to play and review Funky Barn 3D. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a retail version of Funky Barn 3D for this review.
- Paul


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 78%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Ubisoft
ating:  ‘E’ - Everyone
{Comic Mischief}

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