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FreeSkate Xtreme 


Paul shows me a news story on FreeSkate Xtreme. It connects this iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app to the Kinect. In fact it claims it provided a Kinect like experience. I was like really, how exactly does that work? How does the camera in the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad scan our skeletons?

The answer to that question is - it does not. FreeSkate Xtreme uses the camera on the iOS device to look at our heads. It tracks our heads and lets us control a character in the game (while they are grinding on a bar) by moving the upper body left or right. That is the extent of the Kinect like experience.

When FreeSkate Xtreme is tracking our heads it puts up a little window and shows our faces. This is really cool. The lag in terms of the game when this happens is not so cool. It will also drain your battery like nobodies business. Which is a shame, but it is to be expected. I do not think the technology is there on this device for what CocoaChina is trying to accomplish.

The game developer and publisher should be applauded for this attempt though. The cel shaded graphics in FreeSkate Xtreme makes it look like Jet Grind Radio. It plays a lot differently but that is because FreeSkate Xtreme is a runner. You know like Temple Run.

We blade our way down the street collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Our goal is to get as far as possible in a single run. Coins can be spent on things to improve the game play experience or to purchase additional characters. Which brings me to my next talking point. Is that woman in her underwear? What is that about?

FreeSkate Xtreme comes with a choice in terms of the control scheme. You can shake your device around to jump, or tap on the screen. Tilting the device is how we move left and right. The shaking does not work well, which leaves the tapping. The lag when the camera is used is one of the biggest problems FreeSkate Xtreme has.
- Frank


Graphics: 66%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 72%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 63%
System: iPod Touch/iPhone
Publisher: CocoaChina
Rating: ‘4+’ - 4+
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