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Fifa Soccer 


There is no denying how huge Fifa Soccer is. There is also no denying how good the launch was of the Playstation Vita. Fifa Soccer is one of the reasons that launch was so good. There are some things in Fifa Soccer on the Vita that are scaled down from the home console versions. There are also some neat new things to learn.

The biggest new thing in Fifa Soccer is the touch screen controls. Want to pass to another player? Touch them and the game performs it. Want to shoot a goal? Then touch the back screen around the area you want to shoot for. These kinds of things are really cool, and a nice addition to the franchise. We will revisit the back screen controls later in this review.

Visually I am astounded at how good Fifa Soccer on the Vita.  These are HD graphics on this little machine. The level of realism on the characters is highly evident. The fans in the stands look okay. I noticed the stands were not always filled. I ran into some strange things while playing Fifa Soccer. During a celebration another player came over, but only moved forward and back. I am not sure what he was going to do. Thankfully it did not happen very often and was over quickly.

The announcers in Fifa Soccer are fantastic. There are a handful of songs in Fifa Soccer. Which can actually be a good thing. I enjoyed the majority of the EA TRAX in Fifa Soccer for the Vita. Which is a rare thing for me. The announcers were on target in spot after spot. I felt like it was part of a presentation, and not a video game. EA Sports has hit that realism level with Fifa Soccer.

There are five hundred teams in Fifa Soccer. There is a career, be a pro, tournament, training, head-to-head online, and 360 fight for possession modes. If you like soccer, and want it on the go then Fifa Soccer is the game for you. In fact I am going to go as far as saying Fifa Soccer is the best hand held soccer video game ever released. I know it is the best one I have played.

I love the presentation in Fifa Soccer. Let me get that out there first. Sprinting towards the goal on a break where it is just me and the goalie is an awesome feeling in Fifa Soccer. The problem is I have a habit of touching the back screen, especially when I am getting excited about scoring a goal. That is a problem on the Vita version of Fifa Soccer. I kicked wide right low or wide left high way too often. I did that because I touched the back screen and was not aware I was doing it. I missed too many opportunities that way.

Fifa Soccer redefines what is possible on a hand held device. I am very thankful that EA Sports released this hand held title, and that they included Be A Goalkeeper. There is something so cool about stopping goals and watching your team move on to victory. I would love to see sequels to Fifa Soccer in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Playstation Vita
Publisher: EA Sports
‘E’- Everyone

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