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Elminage Original 


Elminage Original is a Playstation Portable game that also works on the PS Vita. This role playing game is in the Wizardry style. The dungeons are in first person perspective. We have a party of six characters that we recruit. See the king, and go into the dungeon.

Elminage Original is very slow and methodical. Role playing gamers used to fast paced action will need to learn to slow down. An example would be to have a thief examine a treasure chest before trying to open it. That way he can identify the trap on the treasure box and disable it. All of this is done on the menu screens.

When we go to the Inn, Shop, Castle, or other in town location we see a screen with a character or two. We do not actually walk around. We choose from a menu screen what we want to do. Items found in dungeons have to be identified before we can equip them. Each character has their own money used to buy and sell.

Elminage Original includes alchemy that the player uses to create needed items. There is a religious undertone to Elminage Original. These six gods moved humans with hope to a new world. They then turned themselves into magical rings so they would not make the same mistakes they made last time. Very odd religious concepts to those of us in the West. But the East has been proselytizing their beliefs in video games for decades now. The ESRB supports or ignores it. The same goes for regionalization policies.

There are a variety of creatures in Elminage Original. Some are human, and some are horrific. Players give commands to their team, and Dragon Warrior kind of visuals are seen to show the attacks. When all the hit points are gone a character dies. This goes for the party and what they are attacking. Dead party members can be brought back by paying a priest.

Leveling up can take a long time in Elminage Original. In fact gamers that play Elminage Original can expect to spend many hours exploring, appraising, buying, selling, and improving their team. Sleeping at the inn can provide the player a couple of benefits. I will let you explore those for yourself.

Elminage Original is not an easy game to learn. Even for long time role playing gamers. Inquisitive minds can find all kinds of things to do, and see in Elminage Original. The dungeons can be a bit bland graphically. Enemies love to hide right behind doors. Having to disarm traps on treasure chests can get old. Fans of Wizardry should check out Elminage Original.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 52%
Sound: 58%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 66%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%
System: PSP/PS Vita
Publisher: UFO Interactive
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Fantasy Violence}
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