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Eager Beaver





Eager Beaver 


Eager Beaver follows the life of a hard working beaver. He loves to build, and the rest of the beavers let him do all of their work for them. What a bunch of great beavers huh? Nothing like have to do your work and their work too. End of my rant on that subject. We create the dams with a variety of different blocks. We have to build them up through the water. Once we get the structure to the top, the water flow diminishes.

The difficult part of Eager Beaver is building these structures up to the top without things falling down. Eager Beaver is even tougher thanks to the blocks we receive. We have no control over what comes to us, and in what order. A little thought on how the shapes fit together helps players create the right kinds of dams.

I absolutely love Eager Beaver. I enjoy the quirky little characters, and the puzzle game play. I am not the only voice on Eager Beaver here at Family Friendly Gaming. There are others here who can not stand it. They do not appreciate the block selection, and wanted more blocks. I will admit Eager Beaver is not the easiest puzzle game out there.

The music in Eager Beaver fits the theme of this woodland title. The humor in this iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app is apparent. The blocks can be moved from side to side, and rotate around. Tapping them will drop them. This is where the physics of the water come into play. Something going down vertical may tilt while it descends.

Eager Beaver throws a variety of challenges on top of the structure building. There are bombs, fish, traps, barrels, and more. All of these can help or hinder the outcome. Failing to create the dam with the provided blocks allows us to go to the last menu or replay the level. I ran into difficulty in some levels but was eventually able to solve them after a few attempts.

Eager Beaver is a great game for families. The concept of using blocks to build a water tight structure is one that has real world applications. Especially if you only have certain amount of them in different shapes. Eager Beaver feels like a jigsaw puzzle in some ways. I hope to see more games like Eager Beaver in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 87%
Gameplay: 93%
Family Friendly Factor: 84%
System: iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone
Publisher: Chillingo
ating:  '4+' - 4+

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