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Dragon Ball Z for Kinect 


DragonBall Z products have not done well historically with Family Friendly Gaming. So a major thank you to Namco Bandai for allowing us this opportunity to review this title. I came away from Dragon Ball Z for Kinect with impressions that may surprise our readers. I came away impressed.

First and foremost, yes this is a 'T' for Teen game. The majority of that comes from the blood and violence. There is some language issues, but the violence is the main core theme in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. We punch, kick, and use special attacks to dispatch our foes in DragonBall Z for Kinect.

This home console Xbox 360 Kinect game follows the anime flawlessly. We get into the biggest battles from a variety of the sagas. The story portions of Dragon Ball Z for Kinect use cel shading to duplicate scenes from the anime. The battle scenes are done in a first person mode. So when you punch you see the arms of that character come out with a punch. The same goes for kicks.

The presentation in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is very close to the show. From shooting orbs of energy to the ground spinning around as a character is falling to the planet. Yes we do get up into the air for some fun battles up in the sky. And in story mode we have to fight the different characters from that point in the show.

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect has a unique health system. Each player has so many points. Each time we punch and kick them, they lose points. Until we have drained their health down to one point. Then we get to see the finish animation. Boss battles can be different, and require the player to make certain movements to avoid the oncoming attacks.

The voices from the show are present in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. This is a real treat for any DragonBall Z fan. It also enhances the realism of this home console title. The music and special effects also match from those particular points of the show. This is also where there are some language issues.

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect contains more than enough unlockable content. But that is not all. There are QR codes that can unlock additional characters and content. The Goku Super Saiyan hair included has some QR codes on the inside. You will want to use them - trust me on this.

The controls in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect will give you a work out. I enjoyed getting exercise thanks to Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. DragonBall Z for Kinect puts us right into the show. I am astounded as to how real this Xbox 360 game made it feel. I felt like I was fighting in this universe. I am thankful that many of the explosions obscured the view of certain violent acts.
- Paul


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%
System: Xbox 360 (Kinect)
Publisher: Namco Bandai
ating: ‘T’ - Teen
{Blood, Cartoon Violence, Mild Language}

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