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Dr Seuss The Lorax 


I smirk when people tell me entertainment teaches us nothing. There are so many examples of entertainment being used to attempt to sway public opinion on a wide variety of topics. The latest to come across my desk is Dr Seuss The Lorax on Blu-ray and DVD. This movie is an environmentalists tofu dream.

We start Dr Seuss The Lorax in a perfect looking town. They are highly technological, and have all forms of entertainment. Their biggest business is O'Hares Air. They provide purified air to the population. See the air has gotten too polluted. A young man by the name of Ted wants to impress the girl so he goes on a quest to find a real tree.

He finds someone who knows what happens to all the trees. The man responsible for chopping them all down in that little area. O'Hare becomes Teds immediate nemesis. Why? Well why would anyone buy his air if trees are planted and provide the citizens air for free? The Lorax speaks for the trees as some mystical creature. He proclaims powers but seems to be a real windbag in that department. His goal is to obviously teach us.

All ages can find two things in Dr Seuss The Lorax to appreciate. The first is the humor. There is a lot of humor in Dr Seuss The Lorax. There are also some awesome songs in this movie. We already downloaded 'Let It Grow' here at Family Friendly Gaming. Although we are a little sad that whole: "let it die, let it die," portion from the movie was not included in the song we downloaded on iTunes.

Tree huggers will love the main lesson in Dr Seuss The Lorax. We should not ever use any of the resources in the forest to make products. Why not? Because we will never know when to say when. Greed is definitely a bad thing. I personally get sick of seeing the greed from Hollywood and all of those profiting off of the Global Warming Scam.

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest where Weyerhaeuser is huge. They cut down all kinds of trees up there. Want to know something else they do? They plan all of these trees as well. I have personally driven across America and seen hundreds of thousands of acres of forests. So part of me finds the lesson in Dr Seuss The Lorax out of touch with our reality. I see people being responsible about the environment all the time.

My kids love Dr Seuss The Lorax, especially the bonus features. The mini movies, games, Sing-Along, deleted scene, the making of the mini-movies, and more will bring families back. The family unit is a little odd in Dr Seuss The Lorax. We have a boy, a mother and a grandmother. There are no father figures. I do like the fact that they spend time together as a family.

There is one thing about Dr Seuss The Lorax that perplexes me. When the forest is cut down all of the animals leave. They are gone for ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years. So the went somewhere else and they were able to live there. At the end of the movie they come back when the forest is being planted again. Which felt odd to me since they had to have been living somewhere all those decades.

One minor aspect of Dr Seuss The Lorax that I personally appreciate is shunning the large cities. I was raised in the country, and love living in harmony with nature. I despise large cities. So it is nice to see that as one of the minor items in Dr Seuss The Lorax at the end of the movie.
- Paul


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 79%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%
System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Universal Studios
ating:  ‘PG’ - Parental Guidance Suggested
{Brief Mild Language}

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