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All of these years in the video game industry and I am still astounded at the creativity out there. Dokuro is a classic example, and one fantastic reason to own a Playstation Vita. This action adventure puzzle game has quite a few little twists and turns to it. Things that we gamers can appreciate.

A princess is kidnapped by the evil Dark Lord. One of his minions decides to save her. So he uses his small stature, agility, and skills to get her out of the dangerous castle. At times we can use a blue potion which turns him into a dashing hero. This is the only time the princess can actually see her savior.

The puzzle elements can get tricky in Dokuro. The princess will walk along merily - even if that means crashing into a trap. She will not walk off ledges or walk into an area where there are visible enemies. So it is up to us to save her. Each major level is broken up into multiple mini levels. The game saves every time we reach a boss, defeat a boss, or the princess finds a flower.

Dokuro uses what is called a chalk style of art. It is artistic, but not to my personal liking. To me its too dark, and too grainy. I also have to ask what Dark Lord has all of these traps in his own castle. How does he and his minions move around the castle? Plenty of them would die on a daily basis.

Players have to be very careful in Dokuro. Two hits are all the player can take. There are frequent areas of combat in Dokuro. The enemies can be annoying with their ability to hit our odd looking hero. Toggling switches is another frequent occurrence in Dokuro. I actually enjoyed doing that.

The music in Dokuro is pleasant. I enjoyed listening to it while trying to solve certain puzzles. Other times I enjoyed it while attempting to enact my plan on an area. The 150 mini levels in Dokuro will task your mind and fingers. It can take 20 to 30 hours to complete this hand held title.
- Paul


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 84%
Gameplay: 87%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: PS Vita
Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment America
ating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone 10+
{Suggestive Themes, Mild Fantasy Violence}

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