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Cinderella Diamond Edition




Cinderella Diamond Edition 


Cinderella is a story that hits girls right in the heart. All girls want a prince to carry them off into the sunset. In our world the reality is a little different. But the story is one of determination, drive, and making the most of opportunities as they present themselves. There is also a lesson in standing up against those doing evil.

Cinderella Diamond Edition is a wonderful collection for families that enjoy Cinderella. Family Friendly Gaming was provided the Blu-ray + DVD edition for this review. This two disc combo includes some fun extras that are sure to please. I will come back to that in just a little bit.

Cinderella Diamond Edition tells the story of a little girl who loses her mother. Her father re-marries and then he dies. She is now stuck with a step mother and two step sisters. The three of them treat her like a servant. Their abuse of power is a constant lesson to us. Especially when I think about the government - who has a long history of abusing powers.

Tangled Ever After is a new Animated Short included in Cinderella Diamond Edition. This little cartoon is hilarious. It had everyone here at Family Friendly Gaming laughing hysterically. There are also bonus features on behind the magic, alternate opening sequence, second screen experience, and more.

The fairy godmother helps Cinderella out with a magic spell in Cinderella Diamond Edition. Her intervention at just the right time opens the doors for love to blossom between Cinderella and the prince. The animals play a big role in helping out at various intersections of this movie as well.

Cinderella has such a kind and helpful spirit. She takes care of animals, and people with a true servants heart. She dreams of rising above her station in life. She was placed somewhere thanks to the misdeeds of others. She takes it in stride and it shows us that yes we can live with injustices. Many Christians all over the world live with injustice with no complaints on a daily basis. This is a lesson we can all learn from. Think less about our own rights, and think more about serving others.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 87%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 95%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 84%
System: Disney
Publisher: Blu-ray/DVD
ating: ‘G’ - General Audiences

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