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Catch The Princess





Catch The Princess 


There have been some games released in 2011 that made gamers think about cutting the rope, and saving Yammi. The concept is simple, but oh so complex. Cut the ropes to let an object make it down to a creature that will eat it. Catch The Princess shifts things just a bit. The object this time is a princess. She is locked in a cage. We cut the chains and this ugly monster looking thing catches her and breaks the cage open. Thus freeing her.

Graphically Catch The Princess has the dark dungeon feel to it. The princess looks nice as she sits there. Almost looks like she is meditating or something. The darker tones are offset by the various items in the level. In fact there are three items to collect per level. Can you guess what item we are collecting in Catch The Princess? The answer is crystals.

The music in Catch The Princess is fun, and fits the theme of the game. There is a bit of twisted humor going on with Catch The Princess. The princess will make various sounds depending on what you do. Her death cry is very eye opening. So try not to let her down. And I do mean that literally. Freeing her and getting those points are done in a fantastic fashion.

Currently there are sixty levels in Catch The Princess. The game does say more are coming soon. I expect they will come in twenty level intervals. I know there are some other similar games that sell for the same price that have more levels. Catch The Princess has a little catching up to do. If you liked those other games, and want some more of the same kind of action then you should check out Catch The Princess.

The controls in Catch The Princess are simple physics. Although not everything in Catch The Princess is simple. Especially when you want to collect all three crystals from a level. Certain things have to be done a certain way to achieve that goal. I had fun playing Catch The Princess. The game can be addicting. I kept wanting to solve the next level. Catch The Princess is a game that will generally exercise your brain as you try and solve all of the levels.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 73%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 76%
Family Friendly Factor: 73%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Robots and Pencils
‘4+’ - 4+

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