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Bust-A-Move Universe 


All of us here at Family Friendly Gaming are always on the look out for a deal. I found Bust-A-Move Universe on sale for ten dollars on Black Friday. This hand held title had two things going for it. First off it is a Nintendo 3DS title and we have been beefing up reviews for that section. The second thing was the price. So I picked it up, and decided to work it into my extremely busy schedule.

The colors in Bust-A-Move Universe are very bright and colorful. I love the different planets in the background. The game play field is on two rotating discs. The background is what rotates. As I put in my preview I was not impressed with the 3D effects in Bust-A-Move Universe. The background kept repeating, and was honestly just a distraction to the game play. Certain levels have some neat effects like a solar flare. Matching orbs of various colors never get old in Bust-A-Move Universe.

I enjoyed the music in Bust-A-Move Universe. It feels strange to have Square Enix publish this franchise. But it does help improve their sagging image. The special effect audio clips fit this hand held title and enhance it a little bit. I loved getting something high that had orbs below anchored to it. Having them all go away at once was a real treat.

First off, I got my moneys worth out of Bust-A-Move Universe. That and then some thanks to the fantastic price I found it for. There are enough levels in Bust-A-Move Universe to keep most gamers busy for a few weeks at the very least. Bust-A-Move Universe also came with a card that invited me to Club Square Enix. I got some points for purchasing this game. This is a lot like Club Nintendo. I am not sure what rewards I may earn in the future though.

Bust-A-Move Universe has some neat features I have not seen in a Bust-A-Move game before. First off when you drop a certain number the game will pause. You are given an opportunity to make additional matches - which increases your combo. I also liked the ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons. These would move the shooter arrow just a little bit. I used that all the time.

Bust-A-Move Universe is a fun game that teaches matching colors. This 3DS game also teaches to get the keys and save your imprisoned friends. There are bosses that are beaten by matching bombs on their protective bubbles. That is as violent Bust-A-Move Universe gets. I would love to see sequels to Bust-A-Move Universe.
- Paul


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Square Enix
Rating:    ‘E’ for Everyone
{Comic Mischief}

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