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Bubble in Paradise 


I like Bookworm on the iPad. My ever so loving hubby thinks I need to replace it with something new. He brought Bubble in Paradise to my attention. Thing is Bubble in Paradise is a little too different. Both games have us spell words. The main difference is Bubble in Paradise is much faster. In fact I think Bubble in Paradise is Bookworm after taking a triple shot cappuccino.

It is that fast. These bubbles float from the bottom to the top with letters in them. Those of us playing Bubble in Paradise have to spell words with these letters. Things like three 'Q's, a 'Z', an 'X', 'J', and three 'U's. Thankfully Bubble in Paradise includes a hint system that can show you a word to spell with the letters on the screen.

The bubbles in Bubble in Paradise expand quickly. New bubbles keep flowing from the bottom towards the top. Can you guess what happens when the screen gets too full? A bar starts to load to let you know game over is coming really soon. Unless you can spell something. Power ups appear in the levels and have letters in them as well. To use them, I had to use that letter in spelling some word.

The music in Bubble in Paradise is fantastic. It helped relax me during the stress of trying to find another word to spell. Which I needed with the Sonic the Hedgehog speed of the game play. I noticed that Bubble in Paradise is very kind and let me spell people's names. The longer the word the happier Bubble in Paradise was with me.

Hints are like the power ups. They appear randomly and must be used inside the spelling of a word. There are not enough hints in my opinion. Stars are used to unlock additional levels. They also randomly appear in the levels. The cool thing about the stars is the count stays the same. So I had collected three stars, and lost the level. I replayed it, and started with three. This helped with the frustration factor.

I love the brain stretching game play of Bubble in Paradise. I just wish it were not so fast. Not all of us can react that quickly. Plus it can be difficult to keep that pace up for very long when I could keep up. The various modes will increase the replay value. Bubble in Paradise is challenging. If you feel up to it, then check it out.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 73%
Family Friendly Factor: 83%
System: iPod Touch/Phone/iPad
Publisher: Clickgamer.com
‘4+’ - 4+

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