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My hubby will groan sometimes when I ask him about a game. Especially when we are swamped. He knows that I will request his assistance with a specific product. And he is a bit of a realist about time. Then he will sigh and acknowledge it is time to listen to my wise counsel. Bubblanche is one of these games. I saw the press release on it, and was curious to play it.

Kolograph does some interesting things with this game. All these little bubbles of different colors come flowing down to the screen. We can draw all around the screen as long as we are touching the same color. Touch the wrong color and we lose points. In the classic mode that means some black orbs will start to populate at the bottom. We can not make them go away. They slowly take away our playing field.

The timed mode of Bubblanche is slightly different. We have a completely populated screen and a timer. We make the orbs go away, and we get another screen. This mode gives us points for the same colors and takes points away for the wrong colors. No black bubbles in Bubblanche. It is all about scoring as many points as possible, and getting through as man screens as we can.

The colors in Bubblanche are subdued but that is cool with me. The music is nice and helps pass the time as we are going through color after color after color. There is a possibility for players to get addicted to Bubblanche. I wanted to beat my hubby's score as well as my own. Then I made the mistake of letting our sons play Bubblanche, and lost all hope of getting the highest score.

The physics of the bubbles in Bubblanche is really good. I know they are supposed to be bubbles in Bubblanche, but to me they looked more like little balls. This is not a bad thing, its just how they rolled down one another after I made a massive amount go away. Experienced puzzle gamers will quickly find the patterns in Bubblanche. Although much of this app is random.

The presentation of Bubblanche is safe for all ages of the family. Bubblanche taught me to match patterns and exclude things that did not match. I also learned to be precise with my motions. I suspect that martial artists will be highly skilled at playing Bubblanche. I am thankful we were provided a code to play Bubblanche. This is one cute little game.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 82%
Replay/Extras: 84%
Gameplay: 84%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%
System: iPhone/iPod Touch
Publisher: Kolograph
Rating: '4+'
- 4+

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