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Bit trip Saga 


The Bit.Trip franchise is one that hardcore gamers talk about. This franchise has brought old school back into the mix. In the form of new development. Millions enjoy the old styles of game play more than the newer styles. Aksys Games and Gaijin have them covered. Bit.Trip Saga on the Nintendo 3DS contains all six games from the Bit.Trip series. I was personally curious to see how it would transition into 3D, so I purchased it recently. Getting them all at once in a compilation is also an economical way to experience the entire series.

The graphics are the first disappointment I found in Bit.Trip Saga. The 3D effects are meh, and generally they confuse. Which is a secondary problem in Bit.Trip Saga. There is so much going on in some of these games that it is easy to get lost. And lost is something I became on more than one occasion with this hand held title. There is mild violence in some of the games in Bit.Trip Saga since there is shooting involved.

Let me tell you something about the music in Bit.Trip Saga. It will keep you awake. The music in Bit.Trip Saga is equivalent to a cup of coffee. It is thumping, pumping, loud, keep your eyes open music. If that kind of music bothers you, then expect a headache from Bit.Trip Saga. I enjoyed the music in Bit.Trip Saga, even though it did little to assist with frustration.

Did I just mention frustration? Yes I did. The difficulty level in Bit.Trip Saga is go to a punching bag after thirty minutes of game play time. This hand held video game can anger the most mild mannered person. I saw it. So please be aware that Bit.Trip Saga can cause issues in your family if restraints are not issued. Please be careful with this product.

Six games in one package is very nice. Yes the games in Bit.Trip Saga are retro, and there really is only one gem in here in my opinion. But still I found Bit.Trip Saga for under twenty dollars brand new. There are multiple modes in each of the games in Bit.Trip Saga. Some of them like Runner contain a fair amount of levels. I feel like my money was well spent on this product.

Bit.Trip Saga is generally safe for families. The old school game play, and visuals equate to a safer game than many current games. The difficulty level can lead to outbursts of anger. So Bit.Trip Saga is not for everyone. Hardcore gamers that love a challenge will eat up Bit.Trip Saga. Even some of them will get frustrated. I hope to see more compilations like Bit.Trip Saga in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 84%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher:  Aksys Games

Rating:    'E' - Everyone
{Mild Fantasy Violence}

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